Hmmmm, I wonder if I can find my cards by walking through Shadow? 
I would have thought that's what Martin did.  Which suggests it isn't that
easy.  Unless they aren't in Shadow...  Which suggests they're in Amber,
or bloody Chaos.  I wonder if it's possible to hide something so that it
can't be found by walking through Shadow, kinda like I did with that
idiot?  But then, I suppose it's possible for someone to locate him, they
just couldn't get to him for a hundred years or so.  But Martin couldn't
find even a trace.  So they must be hidden, in Amber, or in Chaos.  Black
hearted Hel, it's got to be that rabbit.  What has he done with them?

	I need those cards to travel to Rimmersgard quickly.  I'd like to
spend my nights there organizing them to sail in more modern ships and to
become a fine fighting force of my own.  But to keep abreast of events in
Amber, I must spend at least my days in Amber, and that means I must be
able to travel back and forth quickly.  Walking between them six hours
each time would be annoying and complicate arranging the time flow in

	I must find a way to retrieve them.

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