Waiting.  Suddenly, all I'm doing is waiting.  Waiting to find out
what Martin finds out about my Trumps.  Whether or not a certain rabbit is
involved.  I can't really accuse him 'til I have some evidence, else I
would destroy any hope of Caine's family bliss.  I wonder how serious he
is about that?  Waiting for word from Ariana to tackle finding or rescuing
Miranda.  Waiting to go back to Rimmersgard.  Waiting, waiting, waiting. 
Too much bloody waiting.  Something is going on, and everybody is just
waiting for the next disaster to occur.  OK, maybe nobody knows what to
do, but it does seem like something is going on, and we should do

	I know what I can do.  Benedict mentioned that I was in charge of
the idiot who attacked me.  Which included final say on sentencing.  I can
finish that business now.  I certainly don't need him anymore, and
therefore don't need to wait any further.  Hmmm, he's too much of a stupid
dupe to warrant execution.  His two buddies, on the other hand...well,
we'll see.  I don't see much gain in waiting for them around here, they
were obviously smart enough to stay away.  Unfortunate.  Maybe I could
look for them in Shadow.  No, either they can't go into Shadow, and I
won't find them, or they can, and therefore are somewhere that will take
firepower to get to them.  But if that's the case, I could just scout. 
No, not wise without my Trumps.

	Enough thought.  Action.

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