Will wonders never cease?  As bad as things have gotten lately,
for Amber, if not for me, the last few days have held some joy amid all
the frustration.

	From talking with Ariana and Laughter, I've learned that the only
feasible way to get to Chaos is through Faerie.  Here's where things get a
wee bit complicated.

	The damned Feyan weasels (though apparently they aren't *really*
Feyan - AARRGHHH!) will only cooperate if we, Amber, agree to give them
something of value; either land or children, according to my cousins.  At
any rate, all this is simply a means to an end, so I went to speak with
Eric about formally opening diplomatic negotiations with the pointy-eared
devils.  Quite possibly our first real conversation.

	In the course of my investigation into Nicholas' rescue, I
happened upon Brand and his mother near a relief tent in town.  

	He may well be a clever schemer and be able to crush me with a
thought.  He may even be able to outfight me, but he apparently cannot
think on his feet and has absolutely no sense of humor.  A tactical
weakness, if ever there was one.  If a man can't laugh, how can he enjoy

	Here's some grand news.  I have a brother!  Though I haven't been
formally introduced to the little nipper yet, this may change my
relationship with the lady Vixen.

	Speaking of family; I met Iseult, one of Laughter's
more...impressive daughters.  She's strong, healthy, likes a good row, and
she drinks like a fish!  Thank god she works *for* me!  I must remember to
congratulate Laughter when I see her next.

	As we prepare to find the Prince, I can't help but wonder how long
I can divide my loyalties between the Royal House and freedom for Amber's
people to choose their own destiny.  I wonder what effect the profound
changes in Amber have had through the noble houses and the Circle?

	With some sort of change now almost certain, perhaps Eric will see
the simple need for representative cooperation and give the nobles and
commoners their rightful voice, but I'm probably not that lucky.  Sooner
or later, I must choose.


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