Curiouser and curiouser.  It seems that even against my own
feelings of late, I was destined to despise my "cousin," Vixen.  Thanks to
a conversation I enjoyed with Laughter, I have learned that Vixen
succeeded in killing the Queen.  To worsen matters, Laughter seemed quite
sure that Prince Nicholas knew this and pardoned the witch!  I've wondered
whether this is all true, or if the drink was talking.  Though admittedly,
she was easier to understand than usual.

	If all of this is true, then the royal family is worse off than I
thought, and Vixen has earned a star on my list.  Yet, I fear that she is
not the only one to ruffle royal feathers lately.

	My long awaited meeting with Amber's nobility did not go as I had
hoped.  I had thought to stoke the fires a bit and get the aristocracy to
see some of what happens inside the castle, but they either truly live in
fear of the royals, or they honestly like things the way they are, or
perhaps they simply do not care.  I think my strongest enemy is not
Nicholas, or Eric, but the apathy which has gripped Amber.

	A shining example would seem to be Laughter's recent abduction at
the hands of Zane, and perhaps another closer to Amber.  Everyone knows
what happens, but no one ever seems to do anything about it!  The
situation has always resolved itself, why should that stop?

	I have come to realize the truth in the saying that absolute power
corrupts absolutely.  This being said, I hope to escape my father's fate
because the power of Amber's regency has truly left him mad!

	Since it appears that my initial plan has failed, and I feel lucky
to still have my skin, I must change my focus.

	The guard must now be my prime concern.  Any grander schemes for
the fate of Amber will wait until I can fulfill my commitment to Prince
Nicholas and Lord Benedict.  I wonder, if the most privileged of Amber's
sons and daughters will not help their King, perhaps I can give the
disenfranchised a purpose in life.  That's worth investigating.

	I will take the recruits to the most brutal, unforgiving place I
can find, and we will fight our way back home, stopping on the way to
complete a few errands.  I am quite partial to dry, adverse climates, and
I am also given to understand that Arrakis is quite lovely this time of
year!  I wonder how her natives will react to Jamie's pipes!?

	Had a grand bit of fun at the docks last week.  For his part,
Jamie seems to be taking to Amber well.  I must remember my
responsibilities to those I lead before I act too rashly.

	Who is this Gavin lad?  Another of the royal "Lost Children,"
apparently.  Strange lad, that one.  I'd almost be offended for the scene
he caused, if I didn't think that Bruce had his own ideas.

	In the coming days, I may well be branded a traitor to the Crown. 
However, that may well be the position from which I am do Amber the most
good, and her enemies the most harm.

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