Where do I go from here?  I have a piper, and there's no one I'd
rather have at my side than Jamie Rosswevinn.  I wonder if I've erred
slightly in having Malcolm at my disposal.  That should be all right.  I
don't trust him, but I don't trust most people here.  I wonder if my
efforts to change Amber will come to fruition?

	My father is another matter entirely.  He seems to want to be my
friend, if not a father-figure.  I wonder how much longer I can tolerate
this man who, for now at least, rules my kingdom?  I find it difficult to
serve a man whom I don't respect.

	Once the Guard is formed, we'll be stationed outside Amber City. 
I'm planning on training the Guard using Benedict's teachings and going to
a rather hostile Shadow.  Perhaps we'll go on a crusade.  At any rate, the
training of the Guard will come next.  Once I have a Guard, I will present
them to Crown Prince Nicholas.  First, though, there is the matter of

	What will I offer the nobles?  Will they be receptive to my ideas? 
Most important, how much longer will I live if this gets found out too
soon?  Could I beat Eric if I had to?  I'll have to consider some
contingency plans.  Most of this will hinge on which houses join me.

	And what of Vixen, I wonder?  I find that when I drew the line
when we first met, I may have thrown in with Eric too soon.  Still, my
point was valid when I made it.

	All this and Bruce, too.  I wonder how the wee beastie would take
to hanging around a pseudo-revolutionary?

	First the Guard.

	Then the Nobles.

	Then Nicholas.

	Then Eric.

	- I've got a lot of work to do.

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