It is amazing to me how much things change in a few days.  While
my own plans are proceeding well, my feelings of my new found family and
home...  Though, I don't think home accurately describes Amber.

	I have met with the landed aristocracy and have investigated the
rumblings of discontent with the royal family.  The trouble stems from the
lack of noble royal heirs.  I have successfully arranged for an ad hoc
meeting of the nobles sometime later.

	I was pleased with the reactions I received in general, but I
still hold that things need to change.

	I'm wondering how wise it was to go to Middlecourt, but as the
saying goes, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."  Besides,
if Mandor sends a spy, he can work the other side of the fence, also.

	On the lighter side, my new beastie, Bruce, seems to be a fun
companion.  Granted, he's a dog, but since I've been here I've seen
stranger things.

	It is my fervent hope that my family will understand that I want
what is best for Amber and her people, and not for myself.

	As to the matter of Vixen, I have been fortunate enough to avoid
her lately.  I question Eric's wisdom, still, in keeping her alive.  I
find it hard to believe he loves Vixen.  While she is beautiful, her lack
of honor leaves a black stain on her countenance.

	My biggest point of pride is that the Guard will be something of
great pride to myself, the realm, and the family.

	I have decided that the Guard will take a motto.  "Au pax au belam
par regium."  In peace, in war, with the King.  May we bring honor to the

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