I believe that my mission in Amber is becoming clear.  Having
spent a few days studying the history of the realm and the politics of
Amber, I have seen a way to make my mark.

	After talking with Benedict, I have been given the job of forming
the King's Guard, an elite squad sworn to protect Crown Prince Nicholas,
and this I will do.  I feel, however, that something is very wrong with my
father, and it is that which speaks to a bigger problem in Amber.

	By all accounts, especially those of Uncle Corwin, Eric has no
loyalty to the family or tolerance for his enemies, and yet he consorts
with a fire-haired shapeshifter who has tried to kill him not once, but
twice!  Eric is clearly not himself, and may well be insane.

	Coupling this with the Crown's obvious lack of respect for the
citizens of Amber, I have decided to go to the landed aristocracy and
convince them to unite their discordant voices and, with luck, I will
change the face of Amber.

	It is my intention to create a parliament among all the noble
houses of Amber, and limit the power of the monarchy so that any decisions
which affect the realm must have the approval of the nobles.

	I will swear to protect the life of the King, and I do not want
any power for myself, except for that which I earn.

	With that in mind, I will comprise the King's Guard of 30 men to
guard the King, under my command.  However, I will have a force of
hundreds in reserve to be used as leverage to make Eric and Nicholas hear
the whims of their subjects.  I am not above recommending that the nobles
withhold money, food, and troops until the Crown acknowledges their power. 
Then it's on to Middlecourt.

	From what I can tell, the people of Middlecourt are more friendly
to Amber than the current occupants of Chaos.  I will meet with Mandor to
discuss his support for the Amber Parliament.  If I am successful, then
I'll kill Vixen.

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