I've heard some very confusing things in the past few days.  I
feel I can safely divide these things into what I know, and what I think.

	I know that the Queen of Amber is dead, and I know that an attempt
was made on my father's life by someone whom Benedict now has in custody.

	Thanks to Felix, I know more about Amber's recent history.  I'm
continually amazed how this nest of scheming vipers can call themselves a
family.  Fratricide, nepotism, unchecked greed, and no thought whatsoever
given to the welfare of the populace.  After talking with Felix, I'm
curious to see what the rest of Amber is like beyond the RELATIVE security
of the palace walls.  It seems as though the Royal Family is content to
let Amber run itself.  I wonder if it can.

	On a stranger note, I spoke to two of the castle dragons.  They
seem rather friendly, in a huge, winged serpent kind of way.

	I've spoken to Eric, and will likely take a walk in the basement. 
"The Pattern," whatever that means.  Ariana told me something about it,
but she wasn't too clear.  Soon after this I must introduce myself to
Benedict and deal with my father's assailant.

	I've felt the waters here in Amber and feel I'm a bit out of my
league here.  If what Felix and Ariana say is true, then I can find a
strong Shadow to strengthen my mettle.

	Beyond that, I'll wait and see what's beyond the palace walls. 
Amber is a whole world, after all...isn't it?

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