Motherhood is not at all like gardening, and here's why: at no
point in growing the perfect rose does your rose decide to prick you with
a thorn, just because you're the one who planted it and tenderly watered,
staked, fed and weeded it all these years.  There is no such guarantee in

	Beauty and I had a rather enormous fight because she wouldn't
leave Foil to go to Amber, where it is safe from Dara.  And she wouldn't
go because it is where Nicholas is.

	I'm afraid we were both rather rude.  I'd rather not think about
some of the things I said.  Or the fact that she pulled her sword on me. 
I'd like to point out for the record that I have *never* done such a thing
as pull a sword on any of my parents.

	Felix tried to help, bless him, but he wasn't up to the task, and
Beauty wasn't about to be soothed by anyone the least bit sympathetic.  Or
me.  I don't think anyone could blame me when I ultimately turned to the
King.  It's his grandchild she's carrying; he has the right to choose to
be involved.  So, I Trumped him, and then led his personal guard off for a
nice feast of cookies and fruits and cheeses, while I left my daughter to
confront Ahab.  Lander and I and the others had a lovely chat about
armies.  I really couldn't bring myself to be worked up about the whole
thing anymore after that.  It's not as if I was truly angry with Beauty --
not any lasting sort of anger.  I yelled at her.  She was angry back.  I
had to respect the whole scene as one of a slightly more ideal version of
child-rearing than those I had experienced with Beauty thus far.  She's
always been too compliant and gentle.  In spite of the fact that she was
choosing the complete wrong time to show a backbone, I was proud of her

	No child of mine should ever give up without a fight.

	Fortunately, in this case, I had the far superior fire power.

	It was Beauty herself who suggested we move into the castle. 
Apparently, she's going to give Nicholas half a chance.  But she might
still want to get revenge on him.

	She *has* learned something from me.  Amazing.  Perhaps I am
luckier than I thought, and will not have to go to any extra effort to get
a child who takes after me.

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