The Wedding of the Queen of Foil and the Man with No Legs

	The cast:

	The bride:		Me, Laughter Helgram.
	The groom:		Foster Barimen.
	Father of the bride:	Suhuy Helgram
	Mother of the bride:	Fiona Helgram
	Father of the groom:	Felix Barimen
	Mother of the groom:	unofficially, Tamaryn (Houseless)
	Matron of Honor:	Ariana Vetch
	Best Man:		Ahab Barimen (Crown Prince in Waiting)
	Bridesmaids:		Beauty Sponcc
				Unnamed Person Who Makes Laughter Nervous
	Groomsmen:		Rinaldo Barimen
	Guests:			a lot of people, but most noticeably NOT Lord
				Riftvan Vetch.  Which is good.  We don't want
				assassins there anyways.
	The Setting:

	Sunset.  Grove of the Unicorn.

	You'll forgive me if I don't have the plot summary of this one
yet, as it hasn't happened, but it won't be long now, and well, I don't
actually want to think about it.  I'm not having cold feet or anything,
but I can't actually imagine how it's going to go.  I don't even have a
dress yet.

	I'm worried about a few things...  I'm worried about this whole
Vetch thing, where he considers Foster and Tamaryn dead... he doesn't have
to act on this or anything, right?  Right.  But then there's Driscoll, who
won't get within three feet of me, so who even knows if he's showing up?

	It's happening too fast.  I don't know who's going to be where,
when, and I don't like it.  In just two days, I'll be in the Grove of the
Unicorn, walking down a path through our friends and family.... on whose
arm, I don't even know.  Is Lord Suhuy really going to act the father in
this case?  Or will it be Mandor (very unlikely), or Felix?  Once upon a
time, I felt the lack of a father, and now I have too many candidates,
none of which I feel really daughterly towards.  Mandor may as well be one
of my uncles -- just one who feels a little more responsible for me.  And
Suhuy is a Lord of Chaos, and I don't honestly know if I want to get
closer to him.  And Felix can't be my father, Felix is my companion, my
friend.  I don't know.

	But what does a girl need a father for if she's grown up enough to
be getting married?  And already has a child?  Well, to get her out of
trouble, I guess.  Or keep her out of it, just by being a force to be
reckoned with.  Suhuy will doubtless feel no obligation towards me after
the sun sets, but I think that Mandor will continue to interfere, just so
everything looks nice.  It seems nothing will impeach my status of
"Bastard Daughter of the Crown Prince of Chaos," and as such, I'll be
protected by his name.  And Felix will be there -- for Haris, and for
Foster, and for me.  Doesn't matter if I need a father or not -- I'll get
Felix anyways.  It's kind of a glad thing.  Even if I didn't marry Foster,
he'd still be my friend.

	The only other thing new to note, besides my impending marriage
and Ahab's ascension through the ranks of Amberites (which is a much more
interesting story if you ask him) is, of course, the attempt that my
brother and sister seem to be making to BE my brother and sister.  It's
somewhat eerie to consider that Emer and Jordan will be in the Manor of
Foil in a few days (or weeks, depending on how all of our schedules
coincide), as my guests and constant companions for the duration of their
visit.  Assuming it will be allowed.  I can't imagine how it will be.  But
it won't be like having Cal and Rose around, that's for sure.

	Well, that's not much of a play, is it?  Pretty thin on plot at
this late stage (not that there wasn't plenty of plot before), and a happy
ending guaranteed.  It's a comedy, therefore, and probably a pretty good
one, even if there aren't any Faeries making people into asses, or shrews
to be tamed (I may be a shrew, but taming isn't on the agenda).  I think
Elizabeth would like it anyways.  It's got all kinds of Dukes and Princes
in it, and a nice, natural setting.

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