Entry 15:12  Next afternoon

	Several noteworthy events occurred yesterday and even today which
I did not mention in yesterday's entry...

	The ghost haunting me is Nimue, who died recently.  Seen her not
long ago, very sick.  She did not die in the infirmary, though, and wasn't
even seen in here for her illness.  Anyway, she wants me to walk the
Pattern, which I found out when she finally spoke to me.  She's a bitch.
If I could avoid her, I would.  Assume she's the invisible ghost who took
my pencils and wrote "Notice me" up and down the hall, but it could be one
of the others that Angel spotted while looking for the Pattern.  She
didn't find the Pattern, but the ghosts she did find besides Nimue are
Oberon!, Dalt and Deirdre.  From what I've heard, Deirdre is the most
likely if Nimue didn't vandalize the hall.  In any case, Flora thinks I
did it, and has placed a guard.

	Eric also wants me to walk the Pattern within the week, and
promised Bleys would stop by to tell about the Pattern.  And promised
Clarissa would stop by, the results of which I wrote last time.  Though
it's interesting she knew of Quin's reaction.  Obviously, there is a way
to tap the Trumps.  Of which Eric gave me a small selection.  Tried some
of them, and they are very handy as getaways.

	Something occurred at the Pearl which really upset Vixen.  She
actually tried to threaten me with a dagger at my throat.  Whatever the
event was, it involved Angel, or so she thought.  Angel wasn't involved.
She attacked Bruce, Ronan's dog that annoyed us upon arrival here.  Must
have been a brilliant sneak attack.  Felt like grinning ear-to-ear, but
that wouldn't have been prudent.  There seems to be a way for some to
change their appearance, suspect something like that occurred.

	Half hour ago, I saw the arrival of a rescue party.  Apparently
the King and Fiona et. al. were trapped in Chaos this whole time.

Entry 15:13  Later same afternoon

	Fiona's new daughter? passed by while I was doing rehab.  My casts
came off.  She spoke to a guard about the Pattern's location.  He didn't
know, except that you have to go through Eric's office, as suspected.  Now
I know.  She also overheard me when Nimue showed up again, 'cause she and
Fiona's entire family showed up to 'help,' I suppose.  Nimue was
particularly violent this time.  Confirmed that I can't hit her spirit
form back.  Truly a fair fight.  Anyway, now Fiona knows about my little
ghost and will look into it.

	Apparently dinner's going to be fancy tonight, so must get ready.

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