Entry 15:10  One day

	Being haunted by a bitch.  She seems familiar, somehow, but can't
place her.  Maybe it's just that she's a bitch.  Showed up three times
today.  First was rather benign.  Walked into the infirmary, and then
disappeared when Alexandra showed up.  She had Angel again.  And a very
fine-looking woman, who apparently 'works' at Vixen's Pearl.  Maybe I
should look into the place, as Alexandra continuously suggests.  Maybe
not, that would give her the victory.  Amusedly, Angel keeps returning to
the Pearl of her own volition.  I had nothing to do with her going, this
time.  The question remains, however, of why the ghost disappeared when
Alexandra/Angel showed up.  When I tried to make contact with the ghost
later, it actually knocked me for a loop.  Obviously, it is very much a
psyche creature; perhaps Alexandra's blocking trick interferes with the
ghost, somehow.

	Anyway, the doc cleared me for limited movement, so I ended up
arranging a meeting with Eric, the Regent, to talk about Maris.  Better to
bring it to him myself, then have it come back to haunt me later on.
Still haven't told him what I know of Ronan's meeting.  Might need a favor
from Ronan, someday.  Of course the ghost showed up again, just as I was
to leave for Eric's office.  Eerily, it led me to the office.  Wild
speculations ensued.  But once there, it tried to get me to 'pull' a book
and proceed through what I assume is a secret door/passage to what I
suspect is the Pattern everyone here is so gung ho about.  I memorized the
book.  Maybe when I'm feeling more fit.  Eric seemed to be understanding
of my situation with Maris, fortunately.

	Afterwards, I had to arrange to have my quarters de-crystallized.
Remember my experiments?  Then the ghost appeared again.  I refused.  Not
going to sneak through Eric's office - the Regent's - without knowing
where or why I'm going.  Preferably both.  She refused to say.  She
actually slapped me and made off with one of my crutches.  Apparently my
"cousin" Felix saw the crutch floating along, then throw itself into a
fireplace and ignite.  Couldn't get much out of him about ghosts, but he
did say that Clarissa herself is in the castle, watching Brand.  I should
speak with her.  Sent Angel to look for signs of the Pattern while she
hunts tonight.  Think I'll start trying to work out the layout of the

	Oh, apparently Fiona and the King are both missing, or something
like that.

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