Entry 15:8  2 days

	Managed to determine with my experiments yesterday morning that
not only will none of my "gunpowders' work in this dimension, but none
that I'm familiar with will work either.  Finding what will work will be
difficult.  Chem. laws here almost seem to purposely 'twist' to prevent
anything from working right.  Decided to take a break and change pace a
little before tackling that problem.  The kids of the castle (mostly
Ariana's?) have been spending their time running around spraying these
strange crystal colonies.  They're living oxygen - breathing (eating?) in
nature, reproducing by mspores.  The earthquake has caused a hiatus in my

	12 minute quakes interrupt a lot of things.  My health, for
example (thigh, forearm, several ribs).  First time I've broken my thigh,
though.  Must remember when Angel says vaguely "something's wrong" -
suspect natural disaster.  She must have really hid from the tsunami.
Leaving the entire dimension, apparently.  Helpful me, I was down by the
docks, where the worst quake damage was, when the ocean decides to run
over me.  Definitely a lost argument.

	Then fate was oh, so kind, yet again.  The pretty woman who
rescued me turns out to be Maris, the person printing 'Ronan's'
propaganda.  And she wanted my personal opinion on her latest pamphlet.
Insert foot into mouth.  Should have kept quiet.  Never actually said
anything incriminating in court, if it's a fair court, but now she's
inferred things just from my description of the year I spent in England.
Basically, she feels the Royals (my family) are foreigners, who don't give
a damn about the locals.  Seems normal for a feudal system, to me.  But
she doesn't see it that way, and I wasn't about to tell her.  Couldn't be
that cruel to someone who'd pulled me off the street, and given first aid.
Actually, I slept a lot that first 24 hours after the quake.  Then, this
afternoon, she held a rally right at her press shop, where she'd brought
me.  I tried to reach Angel, to get her to get Alexandra to find me, but
she was still out of this dimension.

	This evening, Ronan must have seen the new pamphlet with my symbol
attached, as he came down and entered the shop while I was alone.  He
doesn't like me much, and I think he was considering trying to silence me
with no witnesses.  But I'd unnerved him by identifying him in the dark,
perhaps, and when Maris arrived, he Trumped Ariana to help, instead.  His
wee doggy, Bruce (what kind of name is that?), thought the whole thing was
just great, and wondered why Ari didn't just conjure a stretcher; by which
I guessed she's still having an 'out-of body' experience.

	While being Trumped back to the castle, I spotted for the second
time since my injuries a dark-haired woman watching me.  She's unnervingly
ghost-like.  Showing up a split second before Trumping out, and while
delirious with pain.  So far, the only obvious connection is Maris'
presence both times.

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