Entry 15:7  One day

	Very odd day.  Somehow not disappointing, despite the events.  It
started when trying to reach Angel to see if she had discovered anything
at the Pearl.  Nada.  Couldn't reach her at all.  Finally did reach her
right outside my door.  She was in Alexandra's arms.  That sassy girl had
found out Angel belonged to me from Angel.  Obviously didn't impress Angel
enough to keep a low profile.  Anyway, Alexandra must be using one of the
tricks Fiona had mentioned to protect herself, and it included Angel.
Fiona might be right about psionics and this family.  Ariana wasn't happy,
and she claimed to be nice and tolerant.

	That was next.  Some sort of brouhaha drew everyone on the hall to
Ariana's.  Apparently, she somehow magically (there is magic) switched
bodies and her husband didn't believe her.  (That's why she wasn't happy -
hate it when they can feel me.)  Her mind was very close to Ariana's, but
not exactly.  Didn't say anything, 'cause her husband was already
performing his own test.  He seemed sure.  I couldn't figure out exactly
why that bothered him so much.  Maybe he really doesn't like elves, or
faeries, or whatever they're called.  Anyway, Ariana seemed herself much
later today, so they must have reversed it.

	While that was breaking up, Laughter and Alex told me all about
faeries and their aversion for cold iron.  Very interesting.  Apparently
cold iron burns to the touch, makes them tell the truth, and makes their
oath binding; don't see how, though.  They also said faeries are an old
race, who likely have trouble conceiving due to thin blood.  There are two
groups of faeries.  Ariana took the body of one, and the other causes
problems for Amber.  Like cursing Laughter.  So, we three went on a faerie
hunt, chasing all the elves of lesser stature out of the castle, using
iron "clubs" conjured from thin air by Random.  Resolve:  learn magic.
The final Unseelie faerie Alex and Laughter used cold iron on to force it
to bring the perpetrator of her curse back to her.  Not too confident that
they succeeded.  But they're the "experts."  Doubt that Laughter getting
hit with pixie dust that made her fall in "love" with Alex was part of the
plan.  Alex himself was acting a little odd, at least compared to what
little I know of him.  Almost as if he has multiple personalities.

	This evening, I sampled bars and taverns in the nicer parts of
town.  Oh, overheard at lunch that Vixen, my cousin, apparently is the
proprietress of the Pearl, though she has an "odd smelling madam" running
the place for her.  Suspect a cross-dresser, or possibly an odd
dimensional denizen.

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