Volume 15, Entry 1 - 4 weeks, 2 days since end of v14.

	I decided to start a new log as I decided to try something new. 
Find my birth parents.

	Dana left me four weeks ago.  Bitch.  She just told me one day on
the phone.  Not the best way, but better than JJ's.  I was so sure she was
finally the one, again.  That's why I'm going looking for my real parents. 
I'm sick of getting my heart ripped out by heartless bitches.

	I don't know why it never occurred to me before.  Whoever put me
up for adoption disappeared without a trace.  I know, I searched.  Forged
ID, forged birth certificate.  Of course, no one remembered me
specifically twenty years later.  All the possibles still alive who fit my
profile didn't do it.  And putting a kid up for adoption at six months
never happens in Ohio, especially Chicago.  But it did.  Me.  Obviously,
now, whoever did came from another dimension.  If I can do it, why not my
parents?  Not to mention, see, that no one remembers them.  So I asked
Angel to see if she could find my parents and tell me what they're like. 
Don't know why I didn't go.  Maybe I'm nervous.

	Before I leave, though, I'm going to file suit against Zparkles. 
Lying bastards.  Their remover does NOT work.  I'm stuck with this glitter
in my hair for about another three weeks.  Fortunately, most of it grew
out and only the top has some so far.  I'll get a cap before leaving.  And
at least the suit will be on record.  Maybe my disappearance will get them
in trouble.  Serve them right.  It's all Dana's fault.  She made me put
them in.  "They're so fashionable."  Damn weird fashion.

v14:2  Same Day

	Angel returned instead.  Apparently there are very large, very
fast dogs there.  She found no evidence of my parents or parent.  I hope
this means we're on the right track.  We have powers, I assume my parents
are similar.  Dogs as fast as Angel is a step in the right direction.  So,
we'll be off in the morning.  I've still got all my ammo, even after
spending a year here.

v15:3  After a long day

	Traveling was a bitch.  I lost track of the number of times I used
the oxy-mask.  Note: consider a pilot's pressure suit.  If shifting stays
this bad.  Anyway, finally arrived and found a big country inn -- medieval
(I just luuu-ve medieval).  Angel went in to check out the currency and
patrons and was harassed and chased out by a dog.  A big dog.  She wasn't
kidding.  When will she learn that I fight better if she's behind me, not
on my shoulder?  Anyway, the dog actually talked -- closer yet -- and made
a bad joke about my hand-and-a-half.  We started to fight, and he got in a
lucky disarm.  I'm obviously rusty after a year, and I've never fought big
dogs before.  Anyway, I just put him to sleep instead.  Shortly
thereafter, his master came out, Ronan.  He'd been leading some sort of
meeting.  I feel it wasn't exactly on the up-and-up.  Wasn't really my
business.  Figured I would pass by, though.  He was suspicious and maybe a
little worried.  He claimed to be "local authority" and it actually seemed
he wasn't lying.  Turns out he's related to the royal family.  So I went
with him, 'cause I figured I'd need the help of the authorities in my
search, and killing him would be the wrong way to start.  He actually
locked me up!  I let him, since he just wanted to get higher authority. 
He was decent enough for medieval not to arrest me for nothing, so I gave
him a chance.  Ronan was the strongest mind I'd met so far, but Benedict,
he oozed authority.  I was definitely on the right track to find my
parents.  Benedict asked a few questions and then had Ronan take me to
Ariana, right in the castle (of course, a castle) that rules the town
(Amber) Ronan had led me to.  She's a babe.  She did a genetic scan using
her own psionics.  She's even stronger than Ronan.  She made contact with
my body instead of my mind.  I'll have to think on how to do that.  She
also knew I was watching their minds.  Turns out I'm related to all three
through some Oberon, mostly, but also through "Clarissa's line."  This is
one big family and Ariana obviously didn't know exactly who my parents
are.  But now I'll have a place to stay and a basis for a search.  Ariana
was impressed with my own psionic strength and she and Benedict (Ronan
returned me to him) were puzzled that I could shift dimensions to get to
Amber without "walking the pattern," which apparently is the traditional
way this family gets around.  Never thought about it before.

	Then Benedict did the most amazing thing I've ever seen.  He
pulled out what looked like a playing card.  Held it.  Then pulled someone
out of thin air.  Thin air.  Damned if it wasn't magic.  Just like magic. 
I have to find out more about those cards.  Bleys (the one who
appeared-also related), used the same kind of thing to take us to Fiona. 
Also a babe, but also related.  With my luck, all the babes will be
related, and all the ugly ones won't be.  Anyway, Bleys and Fiona are
going to tell me about Amber after I rest a while.  I think we're
somewhere else, a different dimension, I'll have to ask later.

	Fiona worries me.  She's much stronger than I, mentally.  I can't
read her at all.  She warned me against using any tricks on the family. 
They won't appreciate it and they're probably better at other things like
stabbing with a sword.  Not to mention some apparently have tricks to
prevent such things.  Just considering the apparent greater strength, I'll
have to be more careful.

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