I'm not quite sure what's happened, but Foster's household seems
more at ease with itself.  I have to remind myself that they've passed
more time the I have - it's not hard when I look at my grandchildren. 
Haris is huge boy, and he can't be more than four years old.  Iseult
already takes after her mother - she's taken a liking to blades. 
Pax...well...Pax drools a lot.  I guess that comes from Driscoll.  I'm
happy that Foster and Laughter are getting along with him so well, but
we've only passed a few days here in Amber, and I find it hard to forgive
him his indiscretion.

	They're doing well.  I'd a pleasant stay with them, and I didn't
see Driscoll.  Perhaps the two are related?  I'll be glad when they come
home, though.  I don't like the visits in the middle of the night - I
mean, they call wanting to know if I want to visit...it's 3:00 AM.  What
am I supposed to do?  If I wait 'til morning, I might miss Hary's wedding,
or Iseult's first duel.  These are not concerns that I ever believed that
I'd have; they are not concerns a thirty year old man should have. 
Unfortunately, being from Amber, they are entirely too possible.  I admit
that I've played in fast time Shadows, but nothing ever as drastic as
Laughter and Foster's little jaunts outside the castle.  As much as I
complain, I'll welcome them home with open arms.  How could I not?

	Iseult stabbed Foster at lunch.

	Did I mention that she likes blades?  The resounding "clang" took
everyone by surprise, and was followed by a father's scolding.  I took her
for awhile, and I was doing fine until dessert came.  She didn't
understand that she's going to have to be a lot older before she gets to
have the entire dessert tray for herself.  I made the mistake of trying to
impart this wisdom.  Laughter took her away before she got too cranky, for
which I am grateful.  I wouldna have gone "clang."  "Squish," maybe. 
"Ouch!" definitely.  And I couldn't have done a damn thing about it,
because you're not supposed to hurl your grandchildren across the
room...not until they're older, at least.

	Your own adult children?  They're another matter.  You can toss
them about as you please.  I threw Foster a good distance this afternoon. 
It felt good.  (Perhaps that's the approach Caine should take with his
uppity, bitch daughter.  You try to be nice, and some people...)  Threw
him at Ariana, and she goes off on me.  "You shouldn't be throwing people
at pregnant women!"  Nag, nag, nag.  I knew she would get out of the way.

	Besides.  I kinda forgot she was pregnant.  She pissed me off. 
She had to bring those damned nipple rings into the conversation.  I
admit, being Jesus had some bonuses - it was kind of neat being taller,
and the tattoo was cool.  Even the handlebar mustache was kinda cool.  The
nipple rings, however...what the hell was that Reyne woman thinking?  Why
the hell does Ariana keep bringing it up?  Is she obsessed with my
nipples?  Is she obsessed with nipples in general?  Is this some sort of
undocumented pregnant thing?  See how she'd like them...in five or six


	The day has had its definite good points as well.  I finally gave
them the boat.  They asked me all sorts of questions about the traditions
in christening and launching the ship.  I expected Foster to know.  I
guess I took for granted that everyone knows that sort of thing...and I
would be wrong.  Ah well.  They named her "Lady of the Lake," and Da an'
me launched her.  It as about then that the whole "nipple ring"
conversation began...and Foster found himself in the water...then I found
myself in the water...  I Trumped back to the castle, dried off, and came
back to the dock.  I tried to push Da into the water.  I couldn't budge
him.  It's not like he's that heavy.  I'm sure I coulda lifted him had he
not braced himself.  I found myself in the water again.

	I dried off again, earning admiring stares - it's nice to know
that I've still got it...even if the only ones around to notice are my
cousins.  Foster and Laughter took "Lady" out for a sail, and the rest of
us went home.  Had to Trump Driscoll to take care of Pax - he was pretty
upset when Laughter and Foster sailed away.  The kids played together this
afternoon...all of them...in one room.  I hadn't realized quite how many
children there were about the castle, these days.  Lotta kids.  Thinking
of kids, no sign of Ronan.  I suppose he and Eric had much to talk about -
Ronan was a bit bitter about the whole abandonment thing.  He could have
done much worse for a father - Eric's a good man.  Ronan will come around.

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