Note to myself - never accuse a woman of soiling herself... they
don't seem to take it well.  Not well at all (though, I think I could
enjoy Tamaryn with her ice cubes, under the right circumstances).

	Flora's rescue went much easier than we anticipated - and Ahab
didn't get to kill anyone.  He was a bit depressed about that. 
Unfortunately, we got there too late to help Gramble, and they left Flora
in a terrible state.  Other than the Logrus wall at Ygg, we encountered
little resistance.  Zane's message was all too clear.  He let us have her

	I remember a conversation I had not that long ago - Flora was
leaving for Chaos.  "What if they hate me?" she asked.  "No one could hate
you."  I'm sorry Flora.  I was wrong, and now look what's happened.  I
guess you should have asked someone else, rather than put stock in my
oversimplified view of reality.  This isn't what I thought would happen. 
It's bad enough when these things happen to Da; it's not like they haven't
bothered Flora enough... a certain abduction comes to mind.  I'm split on
the subject - I wish that they would leave us the hell alone.  I'd also
like to see them pay.  They've got to learn that they can't get away with
this shit.  It's kind of depressing to realize that there isn't a thing I
can do about it.  My recent adventures have proved that I'd just get
myself killed.

	I've asked Tamaryn about the support from the Faeries.  "They work
in mysterious ways," she says.  "Maybe you should check on them," says I,
"but check with the King, first."  I hope we actually get some help from
them, instead of just talking about it.  It sounds like they have some
sort of vested interest in it, as well.  I know I don't want to live in a
universe ruled by Chaos, so I guess I can't blame the Faeries.

	Maybe a vacation is in order... or some time spent away from
Amber.  Road trip with the immediate family?  Holiday at the beach?  My
father will take some convincing, but after all that's happened -
especially to Da - I think we could all use the break.

	I look forward to end to this madness.

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