I broke my promise.  I said that I wouldn't go out and do anything
stupid, but I did.  I had planned on signing on to Usires' ship - I had
signed on, but Ariana came and took him away.  I didn't want to spend the
entire day waiting for them to come back, so I found something else to do.

	"Maybe I'll go and join Ivan's crew," I thought.  "Be the man on
the inside...  provide us with some valuable insight, perhaps."  Maybe it
was the air... I am six inches taller than I was - the air is obviously
thinner up here.  I wasn't thinking clearly.  I rode for several hours,
finding myself in another port city.  The inhabitants were of varied races
- at least I didn't stand out.

	That's about the time that Tamaryn found me.  She didn't look too
upset that I'd broken my promise.  I didn't know that I was being followed
- I guess I was cutting a pretty wide swath.  She did convince me to leave
- and let me say right now that we did try.  We went down to the port,
confirmed that Da was there, and then we tried to leave.  We couldn't -
our path had been barred.  We tried Trump, Pattern and Logrus - none of it
worked.  We resigned ourselves to bide some time.

	And so we did.... until they found us.

	I think the guards had something that let them look for Pattern. 
We tried to keep moving, but they kept finding me.  Soon, we'd attracted a
small crowd.

	That's when the pirate movie started.

	We ran for a while, then stole a wagon.  Tamaryn drove, while I
threw melon crates at our attackers.  None of them seemed to like melon. 
It's too bad - had I another fruit, I would have shared it with them as
well.  As long as they keep falling over, we don't care.  Unfortunately,
we ran out of fruit crates after a while.  We kept going until the Logrus
tendril picked Tamaryn up - she said to let her go... that that's the only
way I could help her.  So I did, and I watched her go.  The wagon useless,
I abandoned it, riding the horses to the city gates.  As I neared, they
closed the portcullis.  I pulled a cart over me for cover, and proceeded
to lift the gate.  If I could have seen the eyes of the onlookers, I'm
sure they would have been amazed.

	After a while, the arrows from the city guards ceased.  I thought
myself wise for taking cover under the cart.  Then Da showed up... with
Usires' ax.  It's amazing what an adrenaline rush will do for you - I
jumped under the portcullis, and let it fall again, behind me.  Looking
back, I could see that it was my father pursuing - luckily it would take
them a couple of minutes to raise the gates.  Then I ran.  Fast.  And I
didn't stop until the Logrus carried me away.

	I arrived outside the Shadow... surrounded by my cousins.  They
all seemed to know who I was.  What's more, they *wanted* to go back in. 
So... I went with them.  Usires and I found his ax (but no Da), and then
joined everyone else on the docks.  Dara had my father and was sailing
away.  Usires and I went to the port guns.  We took down one of the ships. 
Usires was Trumped, and we were pulled through - to a small ship that was
in pursuit.  Either Dara let the barriers of the Shadow down, Lyss had
conquered Dara for control of the Shadow, or we'd found the exit.  Anyway
- we were able to follow them through Shadow.

	Da and Dara were on separate ships.  We followed Dara's path - to
my protests - we lost it after a few minutes.  We returned to liberate my
father.  Taking the ship didn't prove that much of a problem.  Bart got Da
out of there through some magics.  We contacted Bleys, and he went to
break Dara's control over Da.  Shortly afterwards, he and Da appeared on
deck - and Da sent word to the other ships to cease their fighting.

	I broke my promise.  But, I got my father back.  I don't think Mum
will be too upset.

	Ahab, on the other hand...

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