I'd planned on escorting her home - this was to have been a proper
date, after all - but she said that she'd take a cab.  I guess that means
that she was going to stay in Shadow.  I shouldn't think too much of it,
she seemed to have a good time.  No...  *seemed* is too weak a word.  I
really do think that she had a good time.  I know I did.  Not to say that
I want a relationship based on some sort of Shadow fantasy, but the
dancing was fantastic, and the atmosphere warm.  I'd always been fond of
films from the forties when I was at school.  It reminded me a lot of
growing up in Albion.  The sense of imperialism wasn't there (and I get
that from living in Amber anyway).  It was a patriotic feeling; everyone
against a common enemy, and the men, knowing that they may well die
tomorrow, and not letting it get to them.  They had a cause; they were
protecting their homes and their loved ones, and they were prepared to
make the ultimate sacrifice.  This probably sounds all cheesy and
everything, but it was good, being with people that knew what they wanted,
and what was good, and were willing to protect it.  Amber would learn well
this lesson.

	It was almost worth shaving my beard and getting this ridiculous
haircut.  Vivienne seems to like it, though, which is good, because I
don't know if I could have stood being mocked by my five-year old sister. 
She's taken to calling me "strawberry" - not the most manly nickname, I
grant..  I mean, if I had stuck around the dance hall any longer, I'm sure
it would have been only a matter of time before they started calling me
Mack, Dutch, or Moose.  "Moose" would have been loads better than
"Strawberry," but again, it's only my sister.

	Moose Barimen.


	Dara was to be executed today.  I wish that I hadn't gone, but she
did hurt Foster - I kinda felt that it was my duty as a parent to see the
bitch dead... would that she were dead.  She escaped, presumably the
Logrus rescued her, and I fear that she will try to revenge herself upon
those of us present for the execution.  I wasn't home an hour before the
castle was set upon by Logrus.  I haven't the skill to protect myself or
any of my family from someone that has the Logrus at their command (or
perhaps, more aptly, commanded by the Logrus).  I'd hesitate to ask
Tamaryn for her help; Dara ripped the Logrus from Foster when we recovered
the Jewel fragment in Lazarus, merely because he got in the way.  Tamaryn
has much more invested in the Logrus than Foster did, and I'm sure she'd
be much worse off without it.  At least Foster was able to walk the
Pattern; she has no such option.

	I took the time to tell Vivienne about my night out.  She was
happy; she scarcely noticed the commotion about her.  She hasn't let go of
the bear since I gave it to her.  I hope it can withstand the love it's
bound to receive.  I was rather rough on my toys, and Viv doesn't seem to
be much different.

	Not much more could go wrong today...  Well...  I suppose that
Bridget could be another Chaosite sent to bear my child, then raise it
with hatred against Amber and most of all the father that abandoned it. 
Yes, that would make things worse, and I do hope that that isn't the case. 
Don't even think it, Felix.  Anyway, a curse has been set upon Beauty,
thus casting Laughter's ENTIRE household in Foil into a magical slumber...
including Harry and Bridget.  Something to do with the king of a
neighboring Faerie kingdom.  I told Tamaryn about it; she said that she'd
look into it.

	Everyone seems to be all right... it could have been much worse. 
Harry looks fine, as does Bridget (after I convinced her that she hadn't
slept a hundred years, and no, I wasn't some sort of demon because I
hadn't aged in the century that had obviously passed... wait until she
finds the truth out.  That has its own time and place, no need to hurry
things).  At least she didn't flinch at my change in appearance.

	Foster, Tamaryn and I have had a most interesting conversation. 
They are much alike.  But Foster also has much in common with me.  I guess
it's not all environment.  I still don't think it's fair for them to use
magic against one with no defense to it.

	I also had a long talk with Mum today.  I told Mum and Da about my
date last night, and she got one of those disapproving "Mum" looks that
she gets (thank god Viv hasn't had to endure those yet).  I was sure that
I had done something wrong again.  She said I shouldn't be so defensive. 
She also suggested that I should take myself out of the courting loop for
awhile, since I still had doubts.  Probably not a bad idea (though, she
gets to deal with Ahab next time he tells me to settle down and have more
children).  We'll just have to see what happens.  I think that Tamaryn and
I left each other on good terms last night... and I've got time.  What
happens, happens.

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