Afternoon -

	Things... people... they're all changing so quickly... everyone
but me.  Mum's pregnant again.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Seems
like everyone else is.  I wonder what it'll be this time?  Be kind of nice
if it were a boy.  I've always wanted a brother...  though I've wanted one
closer to my age.  I got a son twice my age, so I guess it could happen,
but I don't see it.  Mum and Da wouldn't pull that stunt.  I wouldn't want
it that way, anyway.  He'd be a stranger... kinda like Ahab's kids.  Ahab
brought two adult children back to Amber with him.  They both look to be
about my age.. it's so hard to tell with the family.

	Nicholas looks a lot like his father.  The girl, Nimue, is
gorgeous... it's the only way to describe it.  She's got the weirdest blue
eyes... exactly like Haris'.  Exactly.  Eris has grown up quite well too. 
If they weren't my cousins..  Such shameful thoughts, naughty me.  Smirk. 
I'll be fine, as long as neither Ahab nor Driscoll takes a walk through my
mind.  I think Nimue likes me.  We spent the morning talking.  We had
something going.  I felt a connection there.  I wonder if she felt the
same way?

	I'm glad that I wasn't the only one surprised to see Ahab's kids. 
Laughter looked extremely shocked.  The only person more surprised was
Viv.  Lord.  I hope she gets over it.  Nimue smiled when I told her about
that time that Viv beat Nicholas up.  Oh... the look that Nicholas gave
me.  Hope I don't have to answer for that later.  Nimue smiled, Nicholas
frowned, and Viv sat there with her jaw wide open.  Eris didn't help
either.  I really wish she hadn't started picking on Viv.  Then Eris
challenged me to a duel.  I don't know what she was thinking.  We'll
fight, then I'll send her along.  Maybe then things can get back to

	Ahab's assigned Eric as regent for his son.  Neither Nicholas or
Nimue have walked the Pattern, so Ahab thought it best that the crown
prince and princess have a regent to watch over them in the event that one
of them ascends the throne.  I'm sorry, but I'm not sure that I could
swear loyalty to a man that I don't know... but then again... who knows
how long Ahab's been gone.  Do I really even know him any more?  I guess
if I didn't, Ahab could always "make" me.  That little trick could
significantly ease Ahab's job as king.  I hope he never has cause to use

	Ahab as king.  Hmm.  Oberon must have had his reasons - I hope
that Ahab's talent wasn't the only thing.  He must have seen something in
him.  What can I do but trust Grandfather's judgment?  In time, maybe I'll
accept Ahab's as well, but currently the thought of Nicholas as king is as
unpalatable as the thought of Random as king must have been to my aunts
and uncles.  It wasn't so very long ago that he was a sociopathic
five-year old... or... maybe it was.  It's a bit confusing.

	I should probably go check on Bridget.  Someone played with the
time in her Shadow for a reason.  There's got to be something important
there.  I guess it means that I'm going to be a parent again.  If the
child in an Amberite, someone in the family should raise it.  I can't let
that responsibility fall to Laughter and Foster.  Laughter's been kind
enough to provide a place for her in Foil.  I also can't let Shard raise
the child.  What kind of father could a vampire make?  Maybe I'll bring
her to the summer house... but I can't treat her as a servant if she's
carrying my child...  Then again, I don't love her.  I don't even know
her.  There's time enough before it's born..  I've got time to decide.

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