Laughter is a persistent girl - tries to wake me up at some
godforsaken hour....  I'm in Foil.  She and Foster must have brought me
here.  And since she brought me here, she should have KNOWN that I'd have
a hangover.  Wish I knew what Caine and Julian gave me and Da last night. 
It's been a long while since I've had such a headache...I hadn't planned
on getting so drunk last night.  Mental note - don't go over to make fun
of your Da when his brothers are specifically trying to get him drunk.  No
good can come of it.  Best course of action - enjoy it from afar.

	So...they wanted me to organize the wedding?  I arranged the darn
thing - it's out of my hands now.  I told Foster to ask his mum to help. 
It'd be nice if "this" mum was more involved in his life than the last one
was.  I think it'd do us all some good.  She seemed lonely when I saw her
the other day.  Hope she's all right.

	Anyway, Laughter takes it upon Foster to roust me from bed. 
Persistent little bugger.  He was wise to stay out of arm's reach.  I
don't care if he's more than twice my age, I could still take him.  He
should be more respectful of his eld...his father.  At least he went away,
and I was able to get a couple hours more of sleep...that is until I heard
the scream.  Bridget met Shard this morning.  Oh boy, that was exciting. 
"He's got the look of the undead," she says.  Well...she's picked up on
that right quick.  Fortunately, I don't think that she's realized that
this undead man is her "dark Irish."  Hopefully, it'll stay that way.  I
don't want another kid...but if this is any indication of the child's
future...we'll just have to see.  The labor should give us some clue.

	Spent the afternoon running errands.  It's going to be a fine ship
when I'm done.  Da helped me in the yards - I wonder if he'd be willing to
help me build it?  It'd make things go faster.  (Though, I don't know if
Da's ever built a ship.. hmm.  I should find that out first.) I've an idea
for a figure head.  Doesn't have to be too big; it's going to be a small
ship.. more of a boat, really.  But, carving it is going to take time
itself, and I'd like to present them with a finished product by the end of
the season.  That gives me a couple of months - with a fast time Shadow,
or some help, I might just be able to do it.  Da was good enough to
finalize things at the yard while I talked to Laughter about clothing for
the wedding.  I wasn't sure I knew what she meant by "Georgian" (from the
state?  from the republic?), but it was explained.  Erm...someone really
should have warned Usires about the tailor...or maybe vice versa.  It was
pretty clear that he's never been fitted for a suit before.  It should
look nice, though...another well-made suit - knowing Flora's tailors, it
should last a while, too.  I'm really glad she was available on such short
notice.  I don't know if we could have pulled it off without her help. 
Everything should be ready in the morning.  I'll pick it up then.

	Quite an interesting party last night.  It'd be best for Ahab if
Laughter NEVER found out what happened last about a "theme
party."  It wasn't at all bad after I got over the fact that the room was
full of women that resembled my future daughter-in-law, and I was horny.
The two can be a deadly combination.  Ahab certainly outdid himself.  The
whole thing was faintly reminiscent of his own bachelor party.  (Though -
I think I preferred that one...  I mean, the room WAS full of women that
looked like Laughter...  I appreciate Foster's "gift"...I appreciated her
several times last have to admit that the whole thing is
a little weird.) I left somewhere before dawn.  I had errands to run
today.  It's my understanding that things went on for several hours after
I left.  Foster was in quite a state when I went to drop his suit off. 
It'll be amazing if he can make it through the ceremony.

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