And so it begins.  Foster and Laughter are to be married in two
days time.  It could have been sooner, but it occurred to me that that
might be rude.  No need to turn my uncles or grandfather against me.  So,
two days and I gain I daughter.  Seems sudden - but no more sudden than
the arrival of my son, and at least this time I'm expecting this child... 
and it serves him right.  "Da," he says to me, "I might not be able to
marry Laughter until she turns forty", says he.  "That's too bad, son." 
"Da, I need you to speak with Suhuy."  So I did.  The man makes me
nervous.  I get Trumped and told, "Da you've a meeting in fifteen
minutes."  So I went to Chaos, and I met.  The man makes me nervous.  I
really wished I had received more notice.  Much more.  Suhuy says to me,
"Since your son has dishonored my daughter, they need to be wed as soon as
possible.  And, by the way, he's forfeited the dowry."  Two days.  I heard
that Laughter wasn't too happy with that, but, when a man like Suhuy says,
"Your son is going to marry my daughter AS SOON AS POSSIBLE," you take it
to heart.  After talking with Suhuy, two days seemed perfectly reasonable
to me.

	Laughter took it upon herself to pick Foster's best man.  She
thought Ahab would be a safe choice.  She wasn't around for Ahab's
bachelor party.  It'll be interesting to see what he has planned. 
Thinking of Ahab, he left Bleys' party rather suddenly the other night...
as did Lyss and Bart.  I wonder what's going on?

	Tamaryn thinks that I've a fear of commitment.  She says, "You're
really hung up on that marriage thing, aren't you?"  Well, maybe I am. 
But... she's partly to blame for that.  I realize that I do have to deal
with things myself, but she can't just walk back into my life and expect
everything to be fine... not that that's really what she's doing.  I admit
it is nice to have her back, but part of me is still pretty angry about
the whole thing.

	Had a good talk with Mum and Da.  Looks like we're going to give
Foster and Laughter a boat for their wedding present.  Not that I'll be
able to build one before they get married - so they'll have to wait.  Da
said he'd outfit it when I'm done.  I hope to have it finished before the
end of the season.  I'd like them to get some use out of it before the
winter comes.  Viv wants to give them a puppy.  I think if she had her
way, she'd give everyone a puppy.  I know she wants one for herself. 
Wonder how grandfather would take to having a dog around?  He'd probably
stick it the kennel.  It'd work better out at the summer house, but we
aren't there through the entire year.  Good thing about this one, is I
don't have to deal with it.  It's Mum and Da's call on that one.  They got
to explain the whole theory behind giving and receiving wedding presents. 
She didn't look too happy about that.  "Why are they the only ones who get
the presents?"  She'll have her day, then she can get all the presents. 
At least it will be when she's good and ready.

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