Oberon's plans are set into motion - the weddings have begun. 
Fiona's was the first that I had to go to.  I guess I'm unsure why I was
invited.  Not everyone was invited to every wedding, yet Fiona asked me to
come.  Why?  It probably has something to do with Laughter and Foster - a
courtesy to them.  Fiona's always been kind to me - in a practical "here,
have some socks" sort of way - but I've never had the impression that she
was overly fond of me.  I wish her the best of luck.  I hope that Suhuy
treats her well.

	My uncles' brides have arrived in Amber.  Quite an entourage, too. 
Oberon's going to hold a ball to honor them.  I've heard stories of
Oberon's parties.  Used to be quite a formal court from the sound of it. 
I wonder if he'll push us back in that direction.  It'd be a change.  The
court on Albion was pretty formal from what I heard - like I'd ever get
invited to court on Albion.  Whatever.  I look forward to meeting my new
aunts in a social situation.

	Oh boy... that was a stupid thing to do...  I've probably made a
horrible mistake...  Tamaryn... we spent the night.  The ball was very
interesting.  My newfound aunts seem nice enough.  I danced with all of
them - they all seemed in good spirits while in my company.  Though, I
will admit that I did learn to cut quite a swath while at school.  That
and my sparkling personality - how could they feel out of place?  Wishful
thinking on my part.

	Oh, Bleys is a lucky man.  Auntie Viktoria.  Dear Aunt Vicki. 
What that woman can do on the dance floor - had my complete attention, she
did.  Forget the dance floor... more importantly... what I'm sure that
woman could do in the bedroom...  Banish the thoughts, Felix... they might
even make your father blush.  Needless to say - the dance with Viktoria,
followed by a couple of dances with Tamaryn.. everything felt so right.  I
can only imagine what a night with Viktoria would be like.  I know first
hand what a night with Tamaryn is like - and if last night was any
example, I'd be a fool to look elsewhere.  Strange thing was - although
the sex was fantastic, it was also oddly therapeutic.  The sweet smell of
her hair... the rhythm of her breathing... the way she lay her head on my
chest.  It was like coming home.  I don't know if I like that or not.  I
mean, the woman used me - I want to feel hurt.  I want to be bitter, but I
can't.  I can't explain it.  What's left then?  Lovers?  Maybe.  Friends? 
More likely.  I guess we'll see.  Part of it depends on what her
relationship with Caine becomes.  She said to me that she might be
marrying him shortly.  I guess that depends on what happens with us.  He'd
also said that he'd save me a piece when he was finished.  Gracious Uncle
Caine.  This is damned confusing, the whole of it.

	There was another party after Flora's wedding.  She and Gramble
make a handsome couple.  Everyone was there.. literally, and why not? 
Flora takes the throne with style, or she doesn't take it all.

	Irene was there.

	I danced with her.  It was all very awkward.  Her engagement to
Lord Chantris has been resumed.  I never wanted to hurt her.  I didn't
think that my attentions would be viewed as courting.  I didn't think. 
That's what it comes down to.  I'm sorry Irene.  I'm sorry that your
father thinks that he has to marry you off.  I couldn't help my aunts, I
can't help you.  I tried once.  I'm afraid that I may have just made
things worse.  I just wanted to go on a date.  That's all.  Why doesn't
anyone understand that?

	I spoke with Tamaryn.  I've had a lot on my mind lately.  She said
that she didn't think that Irene's problems were my fault.  Maybe she was
just saying that to make me feel better.  Who knows?  We also talked about
Foster... and about parenting.  She said that she'd tried to tell/show him
what kind of man I am.  I wish I'd been there for him.  All these
weddings, and everyone getting pregnant, made me wonder about a certain
jaunt out into Shadow.  Tamaryn was very excited at the thought of me
being a father again.  Well, of course she would be.  She looked faintly
disappointed when I asked her to make sure that we didn't conceive the
other night.  I'm going to go into Shadow to see if I can confirm my
parental status.

	Damn.  I was hoping that I could investigate without having to
confront any of them... although, that probably would have made things
significantly more difficult.  She seems nice enough.  Her name is
Bridget.  She's placed the blame about getting pregnant completely on
herself.  It's convenient right now, but I can't let it continue.  If the
child is mine, I am as much to blame.  Bridget does not know whose child
it is - she has narrowed it down to either Shard or myself.  I hope it
isn't mine.  Foster was kind of convenient in that regard.  He shows up,
and says, "Hi, I'm your kid."  There wasn't a thing that I could do about
it.  I was willing to marry his mother - a woman that I'd once loved - if
it would improve his situation.  Now I'm stuck with Bridget, and her
unborn babe - not knowing whose child it is.  I don't want to marry her -
I don't know her, but if the child is mine...  I don't know.  I guess I'll
try not to worry about it until I know for certain.  But, if the child is
mine... I will provide for him..

	Laughter has agreed to let Bridget stay in her manor in Foil. 
It's very gracious of her.  I tried to explain the situation as best I
could to Bridget, as we traveled from her inn to Foil.  She took it as
best she could...  I'm afraid what her religious views might do to the
child's upbringing.  Christianity isn't exactly consistent with the state
of reality.  We'll deal with that later, tho.  I believe there is some
chance that she is carrying the child of a man from her Shadow.  I hope
that's the case.  I'd almost rather the child was mine than Shard's - what
kind of parent can a vampire make?  I found it - I imagine that I will
feel some sort of responsibility to the child, no matter its parentage.

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