Morning -

	We're leaving today.  We need to get the last piece of the Jewel,
and then we leave.  Fiona has a plan.  I don't much care anymore.  I just
want to go home.

	Hickory apologized to me.  I was surprised.  Maybe I did overreact
the other night - but he did too.  I am not taking sole responsibility. 
It wasn't all fun and games.  I could have hurt an innocent woman - more
to drink, and I probably would have.  Bottom and Titania we weren't.

	Laughter continues to find fault with me.  Fiona had a little too
much to drink last night, and had a beer with breakfast.  Laughter
complained, Foster defended her, and Laughter replied, "Just because it's
okay in *your* family..."  I'm trying to change.  I am.  I mean,
Laughter's part of the reason.  I will be a good grandfather.  I would
have been a good father, if I had had the chance.  I just wish I could
show her.  I know she's just looking out for her own.  I respect that.  I
wish she'd trust me, tho.  Afterwards, Foster told me that he didn't think
that she meant anything by it.  Maybe I'm reading too much into it. 

	Grandfather is an imposing figure.  He looks well for someone who
has only recently returned from the dead.  Certainly more the picture of a
king than Random ever was.  The same thing happened when Grandfather put
the Jewel back together as did when it fractured.  Foster, Usires, and
Ariana disappeared, but were Trumpable.  I felt whole again when the
Pattern was restored - which is odd, because I hadn't felt particularly
empty with it gone.  I hadn't realized how empty I felt until it came
back.  I can't even imagine what it was like for those more adept with its
use.  The red-heads must have felt reborn.

	Mum was relieved to have me back.  I am glad to be home.  I'm
tired.  It's only been a few days, but it seemed like much longer.  Da's
at sea until this evening.  He looked relieved as well, when I Trumped
him.  After he fixed the Jewel, Grandfather told us to rest.  I plan to do
just that.  Maybe I'll go back to Earth - now that I can.  Check up on
Nate and Samantha, and the rest of m'school chums.  Maybe I'll just stay

	Mum said that Grandfather was intent on marrying his children off. 
I'm glad that Mum and Da are already married (I imagine that they feel the
same).  I asked if this would affect any of us, but Mum said that it would
be Da's responsibility to find me a wife - if he so chose.  I hope that
day - if it ever comes - is very far away.  Caine is betrothed to Ariana's
daughter, Jalana.  He said that the wedding isn't for another thirty or so
years.  He doesn't seem overly concerned about it.  Caine and a Vetch.  I
guess it's a fitting match.  I wonder if Ariana knows yet?

Morning -

	I spoke with Grandfather this morning.  I had to find out whether
my adoption of Foster still stands - with the new king and all.  He seemed
almost disappointed by the seriousness of my question.  I just wanted to
make sure that my son was still mine.  I know nothing of the law, and I
wanted to make sure that Vetch wouldn't be able to take advantage of the
change in king, and the King's possible ignorance of the situation. 
Foster is my son.  He belongs to me - as I belong to Gerard and Isabeux. 
I will die before I let Vetch have him again, and I will kill him if he

	Foster is a lucky man - Laughter is a good woman.  It's hard not
to envy them.

	Sand and Dalt were executed this afternoon.  Sand looked much
older than I'd remembered.  I wonder what happened to her?  She's finally
gotten what she deserved.  An especially curious fact about the
executioner - it was Ahab.  Why him?  I don't understand.  Maybe it was to
get at Arthur - he was supposed to be executed as well, but Moire traded
her life for his.  We have a new queen, and Rebma has a new king.  The
entire family gathered for the execution.  I think Grandfather required
it.  I'm glad that everyone is home.  I wish the circumstances were
different.  I need to bid my aunts farewell.  They leave for Chaos this
afternoon - to be married.  And my uncles' brides arrive shortly
afterwards.  I hope some good comes of this.

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