April is in my mistress face
And July in her eyes hath place
Within her bosom is September
But in her heart, a cold December
			- Morley

	Jackie spurned my advances.  I tried to be witty, charming, funny,
humble, gentle - everything that has worked in the past.  I ran through a
whole gambit of emotions, to no avail.  There is no way she couldn't have
seen that I was interested - I've known frat boys more subtle than I was
at times this evening.  Foster says that I'm under a spell.  Maybe I am,
maybe I'm not - I don't really care.  All that matters right now is how I

	And right now, I feel like shit.

	Why doesn't she like me?

	What does Foster know anyway?  Dirty, old man, sleeping with a
woman a quarter his age...just like his grandfather.  Great role model,
huh?  What's Foster got that I haven't?  A woman.  Bastard.

	I need her...  I need somebody.. damn it all.

	I didn't sleep very well last night.  The spell wore off this
morning.  Yet...I know now that it was a spell.  Even though I've made a
fool of myself, I'll go on.  I stayed sober last night, and I don't plan
on drinking this morning.  I experienced the whole thing as clear-headed
as one trapped under a fairy love spell can experience anything.  And
while the memories from last night aren't particularly ones I want, I DO
remember last night, and there is something to be said for that.  I'm
still mad, though.  The fairy pissed me off.  Jackie pissed me off.  I
know that I was under the influence of a spell, but last night I was very
much in love with her.  I would have been good to her, even if only for a
little while.  She said she doesn't even like men - well, she would have.. 
I can't look at her without turning red.  She just stares back, mocking me
with her eyes.  All she sees is a horny, muscle-bound jerk.  I may as well
have been in a frat.

	It's all for the best, I suppose...  I'd probably feel worse
knowing that I'd slept with someone who might be my first cousin.  She is
kind of pretty, but that's just not a relationship that I need to be in
right now.

	We bought Driscoll back from the slavers this morning...or rather
Ariana did.  She looked like she was having entirely too much fun at
market.  I guess it was all part of a convincing act, but still...  From
the sound of it, she had to pay A LOT of money for him, too.  I hadn't
realized that Driscoll was so talented.  I don't know if I have ever heard
him sing before - if I had a voice like that, I'm sure I would use
it...but I'm also fairly sure that I would remember THAT voice singing.

	Ahab, me, and the centaur got into a bit of trouble this morning. 
Apparently, Looks Twice is an escaped slave - which is good - but...we ran
into a couple of people associated in some way with his owners.  Alex and
Keimo got us out of there, using some sort of spell.  I don't think Alex
is well.  He has been acting MUCH stranger than usual - not that I know
him very well, but this is a definite change.  It's almost as if he is two
different people.

	Laughter had a little accident on the way home from market.  She
cast some sort of spell on the slavers, and it was traced to her.  Foster,
Ariana and I went into town to try and win her freedom.  Surprisingly
enough, her guard was actually the one to suggest it.  Laughter has to
learn how to play within the system.  I was pretty taken aback by the
market, but I didn't attack anyone.  It was lucky that she is a recent
mother, otherwise I don't think the magistrate would have been so kind. 
Although if he had tried to take more than her toe, or had tried to keep
her away from Foster and Harry, we would have had words.  I will make sure
that Harry is going to grow up with both his parents to guide him.  I
won't let it happen any other way - no matter what I have to do.

	Bart was able to establish communications with Amber.  Some sort
of spell that acts like Trump.  There have been some changes since we
left.  Oberon is back.  I don't know how or why, but he's come back and
reclaimed the throne.  I got to talk to Da.  He looks like hell.  Da had
to find out if his father had really returned.  In order to prove his
identity, Oberon beat up my father.  I don't think that anyone has ever
beat up my father.  I didn't think it could be done.  He looked to be in
good spirits, though.  I wish we could go home.  It's all going to be over
soon, anyway.  Da said Oberon was tired of waiting for us to get the Jewel
back, so he's coming himself.  Laughter was able to talk to Fiona (via
Bart), and Aunt Fiona convinced Grandfather to stay in Amber.  She's going
to come and retrieve the Jewel.  I should ask her about Jackie and
Meander, while she's here.

	Why the hell did Fiona bring the baby with her?  This is no place
for a child..  especially my grandchild.  I can't have words with her, so
I guess I'm going to have to talk to Laughter about it.  The sooner we get
off of the Disc, and get back home, the happier I'll be.

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