I could kill him...  How dare he rub shit all over my face?  I
don't care if it was a "good disguise."  To start off, he lifts my pin,
then he implicates me in whatever legal trouble he's in, then he rubs shit
on me.  And then he forgets that he's an illusionist?  I'm getting really
tired of this stuff.  And he called me stupid.

	I think that we've played our fair share of "courier service" - I
don't know about the rest of my cousins, but I am sick of doing the King's
dirty work for him.  I don't care if that sounds treasonous - the
frequency with which he deploys us is alarming.  If I didn't know better,
I'd almost think that he's trying to rid himself of us.  I was raised to
give all to King and Country - but that was out in Albion, where the King
actually did stuff.  Random just passes his days by sending his nieces and
nephews off to their death.  I'm getting tired of it.  I want to spend
time with my family.

	I still want to hurt Keimo.  A lot.  He keeps digging his knees
into my back.

	After many hours of travel, we came across the others. 
Schnauser-boy's disguise certainly worked.  My cousins didn't recognize me
at all; instead, they sent one of their newfound friends to dispose of the
"stench" in the river.  I would have been perfectly capable of washing my
face myself, I didn't need to be dumped in the river.  I wish that I had
never gotten out of bed today.

	I guess there was a good side as well.  I had been reunited with
Ahab, Laughter and Ariana, and remarkably, we were all heading for the
same place - an inn known as Tallefellow's.  We found Bart and Usires
waiting there.  Seems like a nice enough place.  We're still missing a few
people though.  Bart cast some sort of spell that tracked the others down. 
The fairy (Hickory) that dropped me in the river retrieved Foster.  I'm
glad he's all right.  By some method it was deduced that Driscoll is in
the slave market, waiting for sale.  Apparently, it's going to be pretty
expensive to get him back, too.  He's a half breed, and I guess those are
a commodity around here.  Trying to buy him back is probably the best
method though, I'd prefer not to have to fight the locals if we don't have

	Two of our new companions look an awful lot like family.  Bart
denies it - "My spell would have picked them up as well, you dullard.  I
would have known."  Piss off, Bart.  I'm not the only one who saw the
resemblance.  I guess they could be the children of Shadows of our
family... but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they were the really
thing.  If that's the case, we'd better keep Jackie away from Usires - the
implications of that are a bit disgusting.  Meander looks like he could be
one of Corwin's...or maybe Eric's...or Deirdre's.  He seems nice enough,
but Jackie's been pretty cold.  I wonder what her problem is?

	We spent a couple hours talking about how we arrived.  Hickory
thought it was pretty funny that Keimo smeared shit on me.  Ha-hah.  I
couldn't get too angry with him - he did bring Foster back, but...he
shouldn't have laughed so much.  He thought it would be pretty cool to
make me sneeze or something, but it didn't work.  The dust he blew at my
face didn't do a thing.  Stupid fairy.

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