Still no word from Vetch and Martin.

	The Chaosites attacked this afternoon.  They rode an unnatural
wind, directly towards the harbor.  I have never seen a wind blow straight
into the harbor.  Very convenient for the Chaosites, that.  Found out
later that "Ahab" was on one of the Chaos ships, controlling the weather
with the pieces of the Jewel that he stole from us.  I wonder if Ahab will
still have that power when he gets his body back?

	A Chaosite captain was stupid enough to engage me in personal
combat.  Well..  first he was dumb enough to board my ship.. at least he
had the good sense to know when he should die.  We fought, he died, repeat
as necessary.  Admittedly, this is not an attitude that I am comfortable
with, but this is war, and I am left with little choice.

	They brought a pet leviathan with them.  It took Caine's ship to
the bottom.  We don't know if he made it out or not.  The Rebmans say that
the beast lays dead on the sea floor, but there is no sign of Caine, and
he doesn't answer his Trump... not that someone refusing to answer when I
Trump them is a sure sign of their death, but.. he's done so much for
me... he's too smart to be dead.  But he doesn't even answer when Usires
Trumps, and, well, MY da would answer me if he could.  I hope Caine is all

	We are lucky to have a neighbor like Rebma.  I don't think that we
could have won without them.

	I thought that Usires should know about his father.  I went back
to the mainland - that's when I found out that Ahab had got his body back. 
He didn't seem to be in that good a mood, even though he had resumed
residence.  Something about him makes me nervous.  He's changed.  Maybe
it's just because I know what he's capable of now.  That itself is reason
enough to be scared.

	Da has been released from Bleys' power and is back at sea.  I hope
Caine told him where he hid Mum and Viv, because I imagine that Caine has
them hidden pretty well.  The other elders under "Ahab's" control have
been released as well, I'm told.  I don't think that anyone will view Ahab
quite the same way again.  I don't know if this is a good or bad thing.

	Laughter wants a lease instead of a marriage.  Foster is real
upset about it.  Can't say that I blame either of them.  Foster hasn't
been straight with us.  But, he is also leaving Vetch, and has proposed to
her - after all he's gone through, I think it's a little rude for her to
say "no" now.  Besides, she knows more about him then I do.  I don't see
where she gets off complaining.

	We had a long talk, Foster and me.  He's upset and hurt.  I don't
know what to tell him.

	The enemy has been identified as one of Corwin's bastards.  Ahab
is anxious to bring him to justice.

	Foster told me something else, as he was leaving to join Ahab's
lynch mob.  Damn Vetch!  And could he?  Why didn't they tell
me?  This is so unfair.  And "Tamaryn?"  If she "loved" me so much, why
didn't she do anything?  Damn them all to hell.. just bring them home.


	Wind - northerly.  Crew morale - tired, but OK.

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