It has not been a good day.  And although I am at sea, I find no
comfort on the water.  What can I say?  My son is fighting off a plague of
diseases, Ahab has had his body stolen, and my father is under the
influence of the enemy.  All this, and we haven't hit night fall.  This is
the fifth time that Amber has been invaded during my life - you think that
I'd be used to it by now.

	It seems that Ahab has the ability to "compel" those that have
walked the Pattern.  Someone took control of his body so they could do
this, and then "told" Fiona to spread the gospel... and she told two
friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.  Damn
Bleys.  Why couldn't he have left Da alone?  Damn Bleys and his red hair.

	No one seems willing to help Da.  Da always helps anyone that
needs it, and now that he needs it, everyone is "busy".  I'd help if I
could, but I'd be lucky to contradict a compulsion laid on by Vivienne. 
Bleys is just out of my league.  Not that Da would even let me near him
right now.  Caine thought that the best way to handle him was to chain him
up, and hang him from the prow of his ship.  So...we did.  Then Caine says
"Why don't you take care of this, lad?" and takes off.  Da wakes up, and
who's left to talk to him?  Ol' Felix, of course.  Who's he get mad at? 
Ol' Felix, of course.  Thanks a bunch, Caine.  I have never seen my father
so angry.  It's going to be a while before he speaks to me again.

	At least Caine got Mum and Viv to safety before he left.  I just
wish I knew where "safe" was.

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