It was nice to spend a day at home, quite honestly.  I didn't get
much done, and parts of the day were kind of "uncomfortable" but...no one
was shooting at me, I got to spend time with Vivienne...a nice slow day... 
I almost forgot the outside world.  We've seen enough war.  I wish the
Chaosites would stay on their own side of the universe, and leave us

	Had several long talks with Laughter today.  She really cares
about Foster.  I guess I had never really realized that until now.  And I
know that he has very strong feelings for her as well - I've known that
for several years.  Laughter certainly does have many good qualities.. 
She's so simple.  Not "stupid simple," rather, "uncomplicated simple." 
Maybe some of that will rub off on Foster.  There are times that I feel
extremely excluded from Foster's life.  I suppose that will only get worse
- him being an adult and all...or close enough to one at any rate...  We
sent Foster talk to Mum and Da about the whole thing - Laughter wanted
some time to herself.  She went to talk to her father, and she didn't want
him along again.  It's also about time that Foster told Mum and Da -
better now than before Laughter starts showing.

	Da said that this made Mum feel even worse about her age.  I knew
it was going to...that's kinda why I wanted Foster to break it to them
instead of me.  Being a grandmother was hard enough on Mum - I didn't
think that learning that she was going to be a great-grandmother would do
anything good.

	Mandor won't allow her to marry Foster.  It's got something to do
with him being a Vetch - Mandor has some problem with House Vetch itself.
I can't say that I blame him - I've often found Vetch disagreeable...but
there's more to it than just Riftvan...something about the House's
function.  Laughter wouldn't tell me any more, and I'm unlikely to get
anything about it out of Foster.  Another thing I don't understand is,
well, Laughter is no more a Sawall than Foster is a Barimen (or whatever
the hell I am officially)...at least not by the laws of Chaos, and I've
been lead to believe that those are the laws that matter in this

	Laughter would do anything to get Foster out of House Vetch.  I've
been told that one cannot leave one's "house" in Chaos without making a
major sacrifice.  Da thinks that the loss of Logrus and his legs will be
enough to get Foster out of Vetch.  He said he'd talk to Vetch about it. 
I really hope that will be enough.

	I guess the question is, what length will I go to help Foster out? 
When you think about it, I'd also be helping Laughter and my unborn
grandchild(ren).  I don't really want any one of them being Vetches
either.  Laughter told me that Mandor didn't want to have to send his
grandchildren to their death.  If that's what being a Vetch means, I don't
want Mandor sending any of MY grandchildren to their deaths, either. 
Unfortunately, there's only one thing that I can do to help out - and I'd
rather not pursue that option.  I know that the needs of the many outweigh
the needs of the few...but...there hasn't been anything between us in
years...not like she can remember any of it.  Still...it would solve
Foster's problem...and she should know that she's going to be a
grandmother.  She deserves that much.

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