It feels like we've been traveling for days.  I wish I had saddle
sores - at least that way I'd feel like I'd been doing SOMETHING, instead
of just flying through Shadow on my arse.  Makes me feel useless. 
Then...when I try to help, Kimdyl gets all upset.  All I suggested was
that Ariana could Trump us to our destination, and Kimdyl takes it as an
affront to her honor.  It made sense to me - I don't know why she got so
angry.  Then, she says it's fine - "Why, no, Felix, I am not upset at all. 
Where in creation did you get such an idea?"  Loss of contractions is
usually a pretty good indicator that something's up...  Her sister used to
play the same game back on Earth...  Foster still does.  That whole damn
house confuses me.

	Both Ahab and Bart have disappeared - Trumped away on unknown
business - not that they were much use in their current condition.  Ahab
was too distraught for anything, and Bart...well he's a mystery...  I
prefer not to think about him too much - him I don't want to understand. 
There's more to him than you'd suspect under that jovial exterior, and the
less I know, the happier I'll be.

	Ariana gave me a Trump of our destination...and Kimdyl little
choice but to use it.  Why are women like this?


	Lazarus is a dark place.  I don't think that I like it here.  Our
entrance was less then spectacular.  The Shadow is guarded by a huge
dragon - a large, gargantuan beast that delighted in causing us fear. 
Usires raised his ax against the creature - he's less intelligent than I
thought.  The dragon's name is "Ironclaw" and he has an unpleasant sense
of humor, but is, admittedly, a very effective guardian.  Luckily, Ariana
had just been there - I Trumped her shortly after our arrival and she
pulled us ahead to her.

	The Lazarians are a haughty people - as unfriendly as their land. 
I don't like them either.  They discriminate against us solely because
we're "human" - if only they knew...but we came here to find the Jewel and
rescue Driscoll - not to destroy their world views - however tempting that
may be...

	Is nothing pleasant here?  The beasts are as unpleasant as their
masters.  "Oh, my back hurts.  Owwwee - get off of me you brute."  Listen
you stupid dragon...if I can lift you, surely you can support my weight.

	Foster has been able to locate Driscoll through his magic.  He's
being held by the human population here (the "Dragon-slayers" as it were) 
- by one in particular - his daughter by a Shadow of Laughter's. 
Laughter, for one, did not look amused.  Ahab rejoined us - as a man, I
might add - making the group whole again (Bart came back this afternoon).

	The humans have a new weapon - we believe that it is powered by
the Jewel fragment.  Both Driscoll and the shard are bound to be guarded. 
We're going to try to grab both at the same time.  The details are kinda
foggy, Ahab knows what's going on, as do the other strategy types.  We're
going to Trump to our targets...I know that much.  Other than that, I was
told to stay ready.  Lord protect us all.


	I'm lucky to be alive...or so I'm told.  Driscoll's BITCH daughter
shot me in the chest - she punctured one of my lungs.  None of my shots
hit her.  I'm lucky that her aim was a little off.

	Kimdyl and Foster faired a little worse - Dara was in the Shadow. 
We assume that she was looking for the shards as well.  Somehow she's
ripped the Logrus from Kimdyl and Foster.  They've been unconscious since
we rescued them.  Ariana thinks that they'll be OK.  I pray that Foster is
all right.  If Dara has done anything to my son...

	Maybe it's about time we called Merlin...

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