Afternoon...  I think..

	The past several hours are a blur.  It's going to take me some
time to sort things out.  Foster told me he got Laughter pregnant.  I got
angry...he was angry because I was angry, and he left.  I break my hand. 
Laughter Trumped me, we all ended up in Chaos.  I went drinking with Eric,
and ended up in Amber...sort of...Amber as it would be now, if Eric were
still king.  I get back home, we pull Foster through, and he has no legs. 
Yes.  I do believe that is what happened.

	Found out why we all disappeared, though.  The Jewel's been
shattered.  I don't know how or why.  It basically made us all walk the
Pattern, and sent us to wherever we were thinking about...or to whatever
it thought we were thinking about.  I want to know what Foster was
thinking that took him to where he ended up.

	Ariana fixed my hand.  Again, I don't know how.  She said she'd
been working on some form of magic over the past couple of years and that
she'd just learned to "do it."  She's not sure how it works, only that it
does.  She said it would probably take a long time to explain to anyone
else.  I've never heard of healing magic before...not in Amber.  Neither
had Da.  He was surprised to see me out of my cast so soon.  He'd told me
it would take several months to heal...  I think the turnover of a couple
of days confused him.

	Random wants the younger generation to go out and find the shards
of the Jewel.  I guess Chaos is invading again.  The nerve.  Don't they
realize that we'll just beat them again?  Even if I have to pound it into
every one of their thick skulls...but alas, I am not permitted that
liberty.  I have to go into Shadow and look for the fragments.  Yay.

	We Trumped out of Amber, and Kimdyl started moving us about with
the Logrus.  Lyss is directing us somehow - she seems to sense where the
shards are, so she tells Rinaldo where to go, and we go there.  I don't
think I like Logrus travel.  It's messing with my sense of motion...not
like waves at sea, or roller coasters...maybe like a roller coaster at
sea.  Anyway, I don't like it.

	Found the first Shadow.  Looked Japanese - modern too.  I was
worried that we'd look a little out of place, but no one seemed to take
note of us.  Alex showed up.  The addition of a second Logrus user allowed
us to split up into two groups.  The first group got "there" first.  It
was a swamp of sorts.  Not really a swamp...more of a collection of
pools...with really thin dirt paths going between them.  We split up to
look for the shard, when these arrows come out of the forest.  Me, Shard,
and Usires go to look, and eventually beat up a whole bunch of locals.
Came back to find quite a shock...  Ahab is...well...simply...not the same
gender as he was... didn't look like they were enjoying
themselves.  Not only was he a woman, but she was gorgeous.  I dare not
say anything, but I can't help but think that since Ahab is not...a
man...that we should send her home, and get another man to help us.  I
don't think that she'll appreciate that, so I'm not going to even bring it
up...if I can help it.

	We moved on.  Bart asked to come through, and thinking that we
could use another male, no matter who, I pulled him through.  Then Ahab
splashed him with some water, from the swamp, I think, and Bart becomes a
woman too.  I hope there isn't any of this water left...and we're no
better off than we were...

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