So, Eric wishes me to marry.  I suppose that it was to happen
sometime - I've been afraid that every king since Random would force me
into this.'s such a harsh word.  Tamaryn and I have been together years or so?  It'd only be making legal what's been
true for a while.  Yet, I'm still nervous.  I guess I should be thankful
that Eric is giving me a choice -- he could just declare my relationship
with this "Chaosite" null, and marry me off to someone who is more
politically significant.  Eric let on that he was arranging such a
marriage for Ronan - poor guy.  I guess I should be glad I'm in better
favor.  Then again, I didn't try to arrange a political rebellion.

	I spoke to Da about the whole thing.  Haris came out to spend the
day with us - so he heard it all, too.  Da said that he will hold Eric off
as long as he can - though, he doesn't understand why I don't just marry
her.  He also said Mum doesn't approve of the way I've been living my
life.  I guess it would explain Gideon's random comments.  I didn't think
that a five-year-old could be so biting...well, certainly not one of Da's.
Ariana's yes...but my brother?

	Haris didn't understand my dilemma.  Apparently, Laughter has
raised her kids such to expect it, and welcome it, in fact.   I find that
weird.  I don't know if I'm the one from the backwater, or if she is.  Am
I the only one who has a problem with arranged marriages?  Well, I've yet
to talk to Tamaryn about this.  I'll need to do it soon.  Although, I kind
of find the idea of being one of the most eligible bachelors in Amber
attractive - I've never had women throw themselves at me...what guy
doesn't want that?  It's gonna have to continue being a fantasy.  I
couldn't do that Tamaryn or the boys...and it's not what I want.  Not

	It should be small ceremony.  We're only legally acknowledging
something that's been going on for a long time.

	I was struck be a flash of insight regarding our problem with
Chaos.  I wish Laughter had been around to discuss it, but she's been
unavailable.  I spoke with Ariana about it, instead.  She's not been in a
very good mood, lately.  That aside, we've decided to try and replant Ygg.
Somehow, Corwin grew his own by his Pattern - and Merlin is willing to let
us try, provided Eric give him his independence.  I hope things work out
for Merlin, but more importantly, I hope that we are able to duplicate
Corwin's work.  I have been led to believe that replanting Ygg would
create a stabilizing effect.

	Sometimes I'm not as stupid as everyone says.

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