Since we've come back to Amber, I've had a change of thinking. 
When we left for Bedlam, I'd wanted a rest from the madness that seems to
have enveloped the Universe, and I wanted any children to live at least
part of their lives away from it...introduce them to it later...when they
might understand.  In the week we've been back, I see how right Ariana was
in her thinking - she was the one that encouraged Laughter to only stay
abroad for six years, and those six years have made the difference between
my boys playing with wooden swords, and them constantly complaining about
how their lives suck in Amber, and how there's nothing to do.  Laughter is
lucky.  Amazingly, her children are making the transition back to Amber
extremely easily.  Ariana is not so lucky, and neither are my parents.

	I had a little talk with Vivienne today.

	"Amber sucks," says she.

	"I see," says I.

	"There's nothing to do," says she.

	"I see," says I.  I mean, what was I supposed to say?  In a way
she's right.  There isn't much to do unless you go out and look, and if
something to do finds you instead, it usually isn't a very pleasant task. 
"Here Vivienne," the King will say, "Go out and save the Universe.  Be
back by lunch, 'k?"  So, yes, Amber can be a bit boring.  We don't have
jobs, and when we do, they are unpleasant.  I guess that's part of being a
noble.  Vivienne wants to go to school; I guess I can't fault her that.  I
am worried, tho.  I see a disturbing trend in that many girls that spent
the early portions of their lives in Amber, and then go off into Shadow
come back mean-spirited.  Look at Eris.  I don't want that to happen to

	I told Da.  I kinda had to - I didn't want Viv to get there first. 
And I didn't know what kind of rumors the pages would spread.  Da said I
worry too much.  Maybe I would certainly explain where Crispin got
it from, but then, where did I get it from?  Anyway, Da said that he'd
wait half a year and see how Viv felt then.  If she still wanted to go to
school, she could.  Viv's got Da wrapped around her little finger - if she
still wants to go tomorrow afternoon, she'll be back in Bedlam by dinner. 
And when she comes home...if she comes home...she'll be a four
billion-year-old killer demon ninja, covered in tattoos, piercings, and
ritual scarring...she'll enjoy her meals with glasses of human blood, have
no regard for life (and even less regard for her family), and have a
computer for a brain.


	Geez.  I guess maybe it's a possibility that Crispin could get it
from me.

	The good new is Viv stayed the rest of the week in Amber.  The bad
news is she made me feel like crap.  No one that young should posses such
a powerful weapon as guilt.

	Briana is such a little bitch!  She really shouldn't have said
those things about me.  I woulda decked her, if she hadn't been six.

	Sometimes, I have to wonder how the daughter of Fiona and Mandor
could be so stupid.  I barrel of gunpowder...that was
dumb, but understandable - any child of Gerard could have made that
mistake.  But Trumping Brand in the middle of the night?  By yourself? 
And then the king of Chaos?  I'm happy to have her back.  We're lucky to
have her back.  Of course, Foster thinks it's his fault, and from what
I've heard, Laughter thinks she's failed Foster (she's spent too much time
around him).

	The royal family of Amber...putting the "fun" back into

	Laughter can provided images of Zane.  I don't see why Fiona,
Bleys, Suhuy, and Mandor don't Trump him together and melt his brain.  He
deserves it for the trouble he's caused.  I really hope that Laughter and
Foster can make it through this.  It doesn't look too good to me right now
- maybe Driscoll can talk them both down.  Laughter was gone for a year -
I can see that this is going to take some time to work through.

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