I don't think that Mum is going to let Da play with Caine anymore. 
"How could go out and do that when I'm in this state?  You horrible man,
you!"  (Personally, I think she's overreacting a bit...she not *that*
pregnant...not that I'm fool enough to say that to her face...or to Da's.) 
I did enjoy having a bit of fun at Da's expense - I don't get that
opportunity very often.  Caine certainly does know how to get someone
drunk; I dare say he's an expert at that.  Fortunately, I faired better
than my father, though I still can't remember all of the stories that
Caine told me.  Pity, that.  I think that's worried Da the most - the fact
that he doesn't know what Caine told me.  I can remember snatches.  That's

	Da doesn't really have anything to worry about.  I don't think he
was very angry.  Mum would find something else to yell at him about if it
weren't a night of drunken revelry.  I don't think that she's too upset
with him, she was having too much fun with him at breakfast.  She was
taking great joy in making him uncomfortable.

	Spent part of the morning sparring with Usires.  Damn.  I hate to
admit it, but he's good.  Better than me with sword, but I can beat him
unarmed.  (I have to have an edge on someone...it's only fair.)  We talked
for a while, too.  He's pissed at his father - Caine's dumped Jackee on
him.  Poor guy.  She was a bitch on the Disc, she was a bitch at the bar,
I think I can guess what she's like one on one.  I'm sorry that she feels
like she had such a horrible life...but other than hit on her, I've not
done a thing to her.  (And that wasn't even my fault.  She knew that
damned fairy did something to me.)

	Apparently, she took it upon herself to walk the Pattern, which
pissed Caine off, I think...or maybe it was the fact that Usires let her
that made him angry.  Either way, you've gotta feel for the guy.  He was
kinda upset to hear that he'd missed out on a night of drinking (what a
night it was, too).

	Da looked much better at dinner.  Must have been a really high
proof to keep him hung over most of the day.  At least this time he didn't
serenade the castle.

	Laughter tried to foist Iseult on me - I will probably end up
taking her. "Grandpa's a pushover, Iseult, yes he is."  Although, I am a
bit nervous about having her right after she spent the day with Mandor. 
She didn't stab anyone at dinner, which is a good thing.  We'll see what
happens tomorrow.  I'm certainly not going to give her any ammunition.

	Tamaryn's come back.  I think she missed me.  No...I know she
missed me.  The Faerie's didn't want her as ambassador - not "pure"
enough, it seems.  Racist bastards.  Since they don't want her, I guess
I'll take her off their hands.

	I missed her too.

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