Day 2164 RSTE, 756 BPTE

	At least I believe that those figures are correct.  One night was
spent in that Shadow, which seems not to have passed here.  Shit, better
make that 757 BP.  Thirty days that didn't happen, followed by another
one, then on to the wee hours of the next morning at last.  Gods, I need
to sleep.  I haven't slept in two days.  Or since this afternoon, if you
want to be an asshole about it.  Man, this morning I was 18. 
Experiencially, I mean.  How long since I was born, Ariel?  Ah, 22.9288
approximately.  No, that's fine.  How old is my fiancee?  Not yet six, you
say.  Perhaps she should have more of my days, and I could partake of
hers.  Perhaps she should be freed of such a prospective husband.  Perhaps
I should get some sleep; I'm starting to sound like Martin.  Of course, he
has some right to complain, now.  Not that I'd belittle his previous loss
by any means, but I think he can safely overreact to this difficulty. 
Only my Auntie Queen's favorite grandson could manage to misplace his own
body.  And he tries to protect me!  Hmn, that's not a happy thought,
Bartholomew old pest.  Laughter has not verbally abandoned her inclination
to punish him for whatever part he played in the opera of Sequence.  Ah,
well, as she said, our friends will pick their own fights.  I just wish
they would stick to their own behalves until formal hostilities are
announced.  Some of us are having enough difficulty adjusting without
having to be introduced to whalebone, of all things horrid.  What was I
saying?  No, I'll just pick up a convenient thread.  Thanks, though.  I
was feeling useless.  Oh, I suppose I discovered Brand, in a way, but
after waking everyone up over it, Rinaldo came in and announced it anyway. 
I removed a laser pistol from enemy hands, but I suspect the girl was more
frightened of her "mother's" wall papering spell.  My more useful spells
all fizzled.  So I can't go to sleep until I figure out how to use my
skills effectively.  Xeno won't work under those conditions...  Oh, God. 
Mother's coming up to Kolvir tomorrow.  At least Benedict ran Florian off,
so I can concentrate.  Well, as much as could be expected after all that
wine.  And no sleep in however long it's been.

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