Day 2162 RSTE, 724 BPTE re-appended

	Amber is such a damnably long distance from Rebma when I don't
know how my mother fares!  The Trumps would help, of course, but once I've
retrieved them I'll also be where I last saw her, and no one even seemed
to notice my presence on Kolvir, much less my request for a Trump.  So
much time already wasted, and now I have to hurry on foot.  Remind me to
ask Gant about any convergence of mystic forces today, Ari, 'cause this is
the third time already that I've felt it necessary to record the day's
events before I forget them entirely.  Got time now, only to the city
proper yet, so here goes.  Not wanted to piss off Llewella unnecessarily,
and having no viable course of action at the Rose, I came home to try a
different approach.  Figuring that Brand would win eventually, at least
against the Rose, and our friend Lyss standing to lose more than just a
power source in the process, I thought it might be nice for all the good
guys involved if I could arrange for her to still be around to help defend
the True Pattern, which he'd probably want for afters.  Now I've never
been sure how the Unicorn and Pattern interact, but there is undoubtedly a
connection, and the former being easier to anthropomorphize I decided to
attempt negotiations with this Grand Dame.  Easiest way?  Pattern. 
Easiest access?  Well, Moire has always looked on me ambivalently, if not
kindly.  So I walk it again, by her pleasure, and I think about talking
with an armed horse.  Next I know, there I stand, and there she sips.  She
fails to gore me, thus indicating that I have not annoyed her terribly.  I
sit.  She stares.  I talk.  She runs away from a snake.  The snake.  The
Serpent.  I sit.  It wasn't a definite no.  I forget how I return, but
that's because of the trauma, I think.  Mother chastised me severely, and
I can't help but think she had a point.  I guess I just sort of figured
that the Unicorn wouldn't be anywhere which couldn't support
Bartholomew's.  At least the Serpent didn't stop for a snack.  I didn't
tell her that.  I think.  Shit, I'm cowed enough to have.  Anyway, bad
vibes have dominated my existence since.  Guess I pissed off the Old Horse
anyhow.  'Cause suddenly I'm standing on a mesa in these dopey shorts that
I've never even seen, and there's Usires with all his stuff.  He even got
to keep his Trumps.  Yep, plural.  He's got two now.  So we come back, and
his dad's okay, and everyone was nauseous over Foster, which really was
too bad, and God knows how Lyss is, but I seem to remember they retrieved
her, and someone said the Pattern was gone....  Oh, good.  The sea.  I can
swim really fast.

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