Well, the good news is, I'm not dying so quickly anymore.  It goes
downhill from there.  I have been having these little...muppets attacking
me.  With cutlery.  At night, but not during the day.  And they only stay
as long as I'm the only one around.  Perhaps finding a bedmate would help
resolve the situation, in the short-term, anyway.  Of course, it would
have to be a bedmate who wouldn't vomit immediately at the sight of my
LEFT hand.  Since I don't have much local currency about, and have no wish
for some local "political" wedding, I don't really feel like trotting into
Faerie and rescuing Mebd, and I have no desire to meet a woman who would
do so voluntarily, I guess I'm stuck being alone.

	The only good part about this (beside the fact that Benedict seems
to believe my story) is that I can seem to sleep during the daytime.  And
since the "thingums" seem to come only when I sleep, I can evade them with
a mere schedule change, if it comes to that.

	Of course, the trinkets that Caitt gave me could prove quite
helpful in ending the situation altogether.  Or, they might bring more
attention to me, should I kill someone's favorite lackey.  Caitt seems to
be wonderfully cooperative.  We had a nice discussion about her lost
memories while sitting near Ygg.  And she gave me quite a helpful tidbit
about it, as well.  They call it the 'Tween Place.  Apparently, it's the
place to go if you want to get somewhere.  Particularly from Faerie. 
Quite an interesting thought.  Is that message from a storybook just
applicable to Faerie, or is Ygg the gateway to anywhere?  Perhaps Faerie
is the wrong place to concentrate my studies.

	All that conjecture, of course, loses its meaning if I don't live
through the week.  So, I need some sort of short-term investigation to
keep myself occupied.  And yet again, my discussion with Caitt has proven
useful, if only indirectly.  Talking with her for so long has reminded me
about Laughter's "Talking Bones" spell.  With all the galactic goings-on,
I'll bet my father's murder investigation has lagged.  And I'll bet that
spell could help me immensely in taking my revenge.  All I have to do is
find some way to convince her; or, perhaps the easier route, confuse her.

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