Mebd can wait no longer.  Poor, foolish girl, she has doomed
herself.  Not really having the time or the foolish notion that wandering
Shadow with multiple Dara's around is a fun thing, I have decided to stash
her in a place not directly under Auberon's rule.  Hopefully Dexter is
real enough to sustain her, without maximizing her addiction.

	Unfortunately, the only route I know to Dexter is through
Laughter's cozy little Shadow, with its oh-so-interesting little gateway. 
Again, I have difficulty with it.

	Stupid poet!

	What?  Anyway, I decide that, only because I will need to do this
but once, I will let Reeshau get us through.  His life is silly and
meaningless, so he should have no trouble.  Besides, I have a way to get
back, anyway.

	What was that?  Speak up, stupid me!

	I am getting through this wall-thing.  I will recite a great piece
of poetry, for it to let me pass.  Or, I will make up something on the

	We are in this place.  This girl, Mebd, is asking if I have a
cold.  No, I don't think so.  This girl keeps asking me if I have a cold. 
No, I still do not.  This girl keeps...enough!  On with the show.  Now
she is asking for dessert.  Some strange drink, I believe.  It must
certainly taste quite good, because she seems to be looking forward to it. 
Er, miss?  Ahem.  I decide to take a cold shower, in case I may be

	I find a fellow shepherd.  I tell him I am not trying to go to
Dexter, and I am wondering how I wouldn't do this.  He tells me I need a
shifty person.  These people can be found in the local village. 
Apparently, village is the local word for metropolis.  I approach a bar,
knowing from years of Altarian experience that there are many shifty
people in bars.  This is turning out to be quite easy.  I ask the
bartender where I might find a shifty person, so as to not go to Dexter. 
He tells me there is a shop for such things.  Hmm, being shifty in Foil
seems so complex and formal.  There must be a guild.

	I ask this fellow how one might go to Dexter, not that I am.  He
says you can't because the Queen has closed the borders.  I do not let on
that I am a wizard of great power, merely continuing in the discussion. 
He says that if the borders were open, it is a simple spell to use.  Aha! 
Now, of course, he wants cash.  My roommates don't seem to have any.

	I tell the gentlemen that I will be right back, and we go into an
alley to get some cash.  Perhaps to mug someone, I think.  Suddenly, some
gold appears.  O lucky day!  I am thankful for a moment, when I hear a
noise behind us.  Unlicensed shifty people!  They seem to think that the
money is theirs.  They ask what I am doing with it.  I am not going to
Dexter, I say.  They will help me to Dexter.  We decide to deal with these
unregistered thugs.  I dare you to cross this line, I say.  Thug #1 does. 
Boy, is he sorry!  But not for long.  Fearful of my power, the others run
off.  They are soon replaced, however, by some registered shifty people --
the police.  They ask what happened.  Giving the standard Altarian
response, I tell them that it was somebody else's fault.  They take my
report, and go to hunt down the unlicensed shifty people.  I continue on
my original quest.

	I go to the shifty shop, and learn their local spell.  Not bad, I
say, for a foreign spell.  I learn it quickly.  Here is Dexter!  Alex
tells me that we can now go there, but we need to be in faerie form. 
Faerie form!

	Now in control again, I bring Mebd to Dexter.  She has her horn
back.  I attempt to bring forth some Faerie food so that Mebd can come
back with me, but the food turns to dust.  She is not happy about leaving. 
I leave her there, with the promise that I will return.

	Amber certainly hasn't weathered well during my absence.  Blood
all over the hallway, no Logrus or Magic.  Well, I will have to speak with
the chamberlain.

	On my way, I received a Trump from Aunt Fiona.  She asked me to
come through.  I do so, neither disliking her presence or wanting to piss
her off.  She hands me a writ from Ahab, giving her permission to check
for psychic integrity.  Personally, I think that's a rather broad term to
go searching for, and I am quite certain that my psychic integrity is
quite shot to hell.  Nevertheless, we proceed.  She, of course, learns
about my other selves.  She asks me how it happened.  Either she didn't
probe very deeply, or she was being more polite than usual.  I, of course,
deny everything, and she, of course, believes none of it.

	Dinner that evening was quite an event.  A fight between Ahab and
Felix.  Who would have thought?  It seems that Gerard is missing, and
Felix thought they should go after him.  Ahab didn't think we had the
manpower to spare.  I'll have to remember to continue avoiding Ahab, lest
he finds more manpower.

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