I don't seem to be having much luck pursuing information about my
new associates.  Father was of very little help.  However, he did suggest
that Teresa had taken up a recent interest in the subject.  (How very
astonishing!)  She is refusing calls over Trump currently, however.  This
doesn't worry me.  It's obvious why she is doing what she is doing.  The
only surprising bit is that Father knows about it.  She will come to me,
when her knowledge is valuable enough to be worth it.

	Mebd, on the other hand, is beginning to worry me.  She will
obviously be their captive, having made herself dependent on Faerie. 
Perhaps Teresa will also learn something about that.  At any rate, a visit
back will be needed shortly, at least for Mebd.  I wonder if one of the
other Faerie Shadows' dining would satisfy her?

	I guess that would leave me with biding my time.  I certainly
don't want to have anything to do with stalking Dara, but that does seem
to be the fashion these days.  I should also make an appearance to help
avoid any undo suspicion as to my activities or whereabouts.  However, I
must make any participation subtle.  After Meander's reaction, I must not
present myself to prying eyes.

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