I have survived my meeting with the faerie king -- and a little
more, I think.  They had induced Mebd to drink the drink of the Tir.  She
has probably also eaten there, as well.  She seems to be a continuous
hostage.  At least she's fairly good at it.  It certainly seems to be
common knowledge that we are companions.  If the time came, how would I
choose?  I am certain that my "traveling companions" would leave her to
rot.  Would I?  I must think of the implications of that question.

	I left Tir-na Nog'th with Mebd in tow, drunk off her rocker.  I do
not know when I will go back.  The potential for uncovering so much
knowledge lies there.  Do they see me as a threat?  With Auberon's
pompousness aside, if I was such a "little Amberite," why not just kill
me?  The Faerie certainly are not known for their mercy.  I must have
something they either want or cannot overcome.  My task is to find out
which, and what exactly it is.

	Auberon said that they are more ancient than Amber or even Chaos. 
That in itself I would certainly not believe, but Teresa all but
acknowledged it.  Perhaps now I shall call upon my father for counseling. 
I would be loathe to talk about this in Amber, but everyone seems caught
up in the pursuit and apprehension of Dara.  A better diversion I could
not invent.  Perhaps I should thank her, before she is executed again.

	Teresa had other news for me as well; at least, she did after
taunting me about my actions.  And yet, she certainly still seemed
interested in helping me attain my original goal.  Yes, she definitely
knows something about what I am doing, and has thrown her lot in with me. 
She told me that she had found a Trump artist who would be more
cooperative than Heather.  That narrows things down a bit, I'm sure.  I
don't know if I want to travel about, just yet.  Perhaps when Dara's
hunting party leaves.  After I have some more information on my exact
position with the Faerie, I will meet this artist.  Then I will decide
what to do with them.

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