Well, my strategy worked.  By attending Dara's execution, I
managed to not be wherever she escaped to.  It seems that she has use of
Logrus ghosts convincing enough to fool the powers that were in
attendance.  Or maybe they were just smug and lazy.  I believe that of the
politicians, but not of Suhuy.  Dara's association with the Logrus must be
disconcerting for him -- unless he is her silent partner.  Would Fiona go
for that?  Anyway, having avoided certain death, I can now get back to the
matter at hand...

	My hand is bothering me.  Or rather, my newly-integrated trinket
is bothering me.  Feels tired.  How frustrating.  There is so much to
learn now, so much that needs to be fostered for my power to mature.  So
delicate, for the time being.  I must not be used while I am still
vulnerable.  It will be better to avoid matters if I can, and concentrate
on this above all else.

	It seems that my choice has been made for me.  They are smug; they
know my name.  This leader of my capture team -- I mark him for death.  I
will play along with them, for now.  They have Mebd.  I had to find her
sometime, anyway.  She probably doesn't even think she's in any danger.  I
will meet with their king.

	I think I can get away with Trumping out, using the Spikard.  They
seem to be directly using it as well.  They have more control over it than
I, at least while I am in the Tir.  However, I think that the roles will
reverse when I am elsewhere.  The first of the clues.  I also believe that
I can still use the regular Spikard powers.  This might surprise them. 
Even if some of them know what the Spikard can do, they certainly have no
first- hand knowledge of it, and with Teresa being in such a helpful mood,
I'm sure I could make a quick getaway.  I will not leave yet, however. 
First, I must see Mebd.  I will rescue her if I can.  Besides, why should
I leave when these fine Faeries may end up offering to tutor me on my

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