Mebd's back...  I'm picnicking well again.  At least she
volunteered to go shopping with me.  There's nothing worse than shopping
for something that you hope a relative you don't like will like.  Mebd
doesn't seem to suffer from this dilemma.  She also seems to be keeping
that... other fellow in check.  I pray to the Serpent that that fact keeps
up.  I just don't see any way a meeting between him and Mebd could end in
a way that's happy for me.  For all I know, she'll try and bring him out
as such a lovely joke.  Ha ha.

	I ended up back in the Discworld because of him.  It seems to have
quieted down, at least.  I didn't have any trouble leaving.  Perhaps next
time I'm there, I might actually take a break and do some research.  Not
to mention I get to be away from Oberon.

	Mother and Father will soon be married.  I will then be legitimate
but unemployed.  A duke of Amber.  My only task then would be to keep from
being married off.  I don't think Mebd would like that news at all.  I
wonder if it would be possible to keep her around the house... she does
have experience.  Or maybe I wouldn't even have to be sneaky about it.

	Flora's wedding was quite nice, as was to be expected.  I also now
know the perfect birthday present for Mebd - dancing lessons.  To be kept
so sheltered...  Heather is one screwed-up being.  Anyway, I managed to
keep us covered in an OK manner.  I almost think that I have been blessed
by not having to attend so many of these events.  I guess they could be
called my last state functions.  I wonder if I have a successor?  I wonder
if I really will lose my job?  Maybe I need to discuss this with Mother.

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