What a ride...and I end up in traffic court for it, apparently. 
Unfortunately, I don't seem (or rather sound) like I'm the only one,
either.  What a dank place.  Not bad really, for a Shadow dungeon.  And
this side of Ygg, I'm sure it's much better protected than Amber's pitiful

	What's this?  My cellmate doesn't seem to be taking our situation
as lightly as I am.  I risk a look.  Gads!  Someone must have been quite
offended by this poor bastard, to have done this to him.  Either that, or
been one of his parents.  Doesn't look like the old fool will make it much
longer.  Oh well, double the food for me.  What am I saying?  I certainly
have no intention of sticking around this place.  Not with magical power
incarnate on my ring finger, I'm not.  It's just a matter of how subtle I
want it to be.  I'm in no hurry, really.  I'm sure the others are faring
no better, so I can bide my time and give them a little needed head start
toward our rendezvous.

	Goodbye unknown friend.  May your next life not be so shitty. 
Yeow!  What was that?  Someone turn off the lights!

	Hmm...for being dead, I am not much further along.  Am in better
quarters, though.  This body feels quite strong, yes.  I hope Molly won't
be affected.  Ooohhh, look at the sparkly I now have.  Too bright, though
-- sloppy workmanship.  I could have made it much better, yes.  Maybe I
will nap now.  Dying is hard work.

	No Reeshau -- must not sleep now.  Much work to do, yes.  Must get
Cedric's pretty sparkly, or all will be over.  Up now, old wizard.  It
should not be so hard.  Not with this thing.  I'll just have it open the
door for me...

	Ow.  Opened the wall too, I see.  This body seems to take damage
not so poorly.  That will be good.  Much damage to be taken, I fear.  Oh
dear me, much damage to be taken and dealt.  Oops, guards coming.  Too
much thinking.  Run now, think later.  Where to run?  Up.  Up is good. 
Dungeon will be down.  Up and up and up.  Oops.  Door locked.  Guards
coming.  Open the door again.

	Ow.  That was worse this time.  Body doesn't mind, though.  Guards
sure did.  Oh, this is good luck.  It is Ona's room.

	Hi, Ona.  What do you mean?

	Ona does not recognize me.  I tell her who I am.

	I am Reeshau.

	She believes me, apparently.  She says she did not recognize me
without my hat.  MY HAT!  I must get my hat!  Ona grabs my arm.  No time
for hat.  Must leave.  HAAAAAAT!!!!  Stupid vampire.

	We leave.

	I see ninja-lady through window on the way out.  In glass coffin. 
Stylish vampire?  I did not know they let already-immortals be vampires.

	We fly home.  Very fast.  Ona is worried about sunrise.  I suppose
that means I am too, since she is the one flying.  I let her fly.  I rest
some now.  We have escaped the devil-man.

	We are at Tallefellow's.  There are many strangers here.  Many are
wizards.  Even the...women.  How distasteful.  All the normal people here
too.  Same old Tallefellow's.  I go out to get my hat.

	Ow.  Why is my life pain?  Ariana insists she had to hit my head
with a rock.  Not being where I was at all, I give her the benefit of the
doubt.  There is a stupid hat here.  A weird monkey-boy gives it to me.  I
tell him he can keep it.  He seems really excited about that prospect. 
Joy.  I have a friend for life.  We go back inside.  Apparently Driscoll
is still lost.  Leave it to him to have the worst luck.  We have to go buy
him at a slave auction.  I think it's going to take a while for him to
live this one down.  Not that *I* will be the one to mention it, of
course.  We follow Ariana's plan, for some reason which I don't know.

	My hat!!  Keimo, how could you?  You have made me very displeased,
apprentice.  I don't care if I gave it to you!  It is my hat!

	I forgive my apprentice.  He looks properly afraid.  Jackie says
we are to go to the city now.  I say no.  She threatens sex.  I hear the
city is quite lovely this time of year.  I hate women.

	We go to Altair.  I remember that I have lost my luggage.  I ask a
city guardsman if he has seen it.  He acts quite rudely to me.  I put him
down on my list for possible spell components.  Needing information, I go
to the Library, after stopping to get some bananas.  The librarian, as
always, knows his stuff.  The luggage is in my room.  Oh.  Of course he
is.  I merely wanted the key that I had apparently given to you.  The
librarian runs away.  I tell my apprentice to open it.  Stupid apprentice. 
After assuring the excited luggage that I am Reeshau, I open the lock. 
The luggage is happy.  I have a friend for life.  Good luggage.

	We go to the slave market, as planned.  The luggage is as fast as
ever.  Good luggage.  We get good seats, despite being there quite late. 
Surprising legroom at the slave auction.

	The strangers brought Two Face to the slave auction.  Stupid
strangers.  I rescue them with extraordinary skill.

	Even though I rescued the strangers, they lose one.  Stupid
strangers.  They want to spy on the interrogation.  They need Reeshau. 
Finally, they realize.  So I refuse.  Jackie threatens sex.  Stupid witch. 
I use my award-winning Cold Shower spell.

	The good news is that there's an attractive woman with her blouse
partially unbuttoned, looking seductively at me.  The bad news is that she
stops.  Apparently, the fact that I'm drenched in freezing water has
something to do with it.  The monkey-boy puts the hat back on.

	My hat!  My patience is running low, apprentice.  I don't care if
the pretty lady told you to do it.  You are not her apprentice, are you?

	We spy on the interrogation.

	The strangers go to rescue the one that couldn't be rescued before.

	Oberon?  Who is Oberon?

	OK, I've had enough.  The hat stays with me, monkey-boy.

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