It's nice to see business as usual, for the first time in a while,
was at Amber's footstep (too bad there weren't more casualties), me
avoiding it for the most part, and Laughter handing me (and dearest
Mother) quite a catch in ransom.  They'll be talking about this one for
some time.  I rather think that Mother would get to exaggerating a bit
about it.  I hope she doesn't tell too many tales that I have no hope of
living up to.

	Laughter seemed happy with the arrangement as well.  Strange
choice of reward, though.  Her father's doing, I suppose.  I just hope she
knows what she's getting into...  What am I saying!?!  A poor feather,
blowing in the wind, so easily influenced by the slightest force.  Poor,
foolish girl.

	We are probably going to get sent on the next segment.  That
definitely makes it difficult to excuse myself and look for Mebd.  Of
course, that means I won't need to watch over her as she matures.  I just
hope her memory will survive intact.

	I'm still alive, obviously.  Surprising, almost.

	Perhaps the journey will take my mind off things...and people.

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