Still going...

	The other shoe has not yet dropped.  That seems a bit lax on
Heather's part.  Perhaps I'm too small to warrant sending *fast* assassins
after me.  Ah well, perhaps Mebd will be mature enough by then to realize
the horror of my death.

	Of course, they *are* around here somewhere.  They're trying to
play with me.  They knocked over the candle, hoping to assist in my sleep. 
Perhaps I should modify my spell further and dangle them in front of
Clytemnestra.  Perhaps that will make her feel a bit better about the
whole affair as well.

	Somehow, of course, this is all Theresa's fault.  Father would
probably be put out if I suggest her as Sand's replacement, though.  No,
my revenge on her should follow along the same lines that she plays by. 
Perhaps eliminating a favored Shadow.  Hmm...

	With the siege being lifted from Amber, I suppose that we will be
off again to look for some fragments of the Jewel.  Perhaps some time away
will do me some good -- not to mention give me some much-needed backup. 
Indeed, this could actually be another opportunity...

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