The calm after the storm, I guess...

	I put on the ring.  I'll probably regret it in the future, but
then again I *had* worked fairly hard to get it, and to get its power
source to be the proper person, now hadn't I?  I thought I'd take a little
vacation -- maybe go on a power trip.

	It wasn't like it was a very big mountain.  Not like half the
Logrus users in the cosmos couldn't have done the same thing.  So I blew
off a little steam, along with quite a few tons of granite.  I bet that
hurt her a lot more than it hurt me.  Ha!  Get used to your new life; it's
going to be a bumpy ride from here on out.  And thanks for the memories,
dearest Aunt.

	So, after the scolding I got from daring to test out my newfound
power, never mind that I happened to have never gotten any instruction on
it, or communication at all, other than "So when are you going to put it
on?  Huh?" from the man who owes me *BIG* for this one.  That's a whole
lotta gratitude.  And I won't even get into how much I'd like to see my
dearest twin be Sand's heir to the throne.  Bitch.  Can't keep her hands
out of a little mischief.  Well, my last vendetta is over.  You'll get
yours someday, and I'm looking for targets.  Bitch.

	Poor Mebd.  But what else was I supposed to do?  It's not like I
have so many people I could just go to and say, "Oh, could you go in and
fix this poor demon, and by the way, don't add any little surprises of
your own?"  She'll recover.  She knows that I wouldn't deliberately hurt

	I bet Heather knows, though.  And I bet she's done something about
it, too.  Good thing I feel I'm on a roll.  Heh heh.

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