Well, I've finally managed to locate Mebd.  The poor thing didn't
even know that there was a war raging throughout reality.  I would think
even many Shadow-dwellers have to know that *something* is going on.  I'm
not sure I even want to think about what her "mother" has been doing to
her besides keeping her cloistered in Mandorways.  We did have a nice
picnic, though -- just the thing to pick up one's spirits before killing a
few hundred souls.

	That is a strange bit -- Trump travel to Amber was uninhibited
completely -- would it be blocked one way?  I wouldn't think so.  Even if
it was, though, I still have two other methods of travel at my disposal,
should the need to bail ever show itself.  Until then, it may be fun.  I
haven't been able to enjoy an all-out battle in some time.

	Mother was acting somewhat strangely.  She wasn't even with Eric,
not that I mind that in the least.  I had popped by to ask her to send a
servant to Mandorways to inquire after Mebd.  And to think, she didn't
even have a single servant that needed punishing.  Perhaps I should send
her some for mothers' day.

	On the business side, no one has heard from the "raiding party" in
some time.  They're facing their self-imposed deadline.  I suppose some
sort of rescue will be mounted, if only to recover the shards of the
Jewel.  Perhaps it is underway already.  Mebd and I, upon our return to
the main hall, found an unconscious Usires lying on the floor with an odd
note on his chest.  With only a bit of mental prodding, a young dimwit was
soon sent to alert those who needed alerting.  Meanwhile, Mebd, in her
infinite maturity, decided Usires needed some blue lipstick to complete
the look.  When she was done with her Viking makeover, I suggested that we
try a light lunch in the kitchen.  She agreed.

	Oh, yes.  The plan is coming along splendidly.

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