At least reality isn't being threatened currently (to the best of
my knowledge, at least).  Mebd is sitting out in Shadow with her mother,
hating the fact that she isn't pregnant.  I'm sitting back here, trying to
figure out how in the world I can talk her out of it.  Survivability;
that's the name of the game.  If there's one thing you get drummed into
you at school, it's don't have children...not legitimate ones, at least.
If you're worried about succession, you can always build enough power to
persuade even the staunchest Royal historian, but you can never afford to
be caught with a diaper in your hand instead of a sword.

	The most depressing part is, at the least, it means more school
for me.  I'm not sure Mebd will even like my alternative.  "Sure, dear, we
can have a child.  We'll just be sure to bind one of those demons to it,
for protection.  Servitude is what they're there for anyway, right?"
Maybe she just won't get that part if I word it correctly.  I should start
Shadow shopping as well...a hidey-hole can never be overlooked.  What I
wouldn't do to be omnipotent, right about now.

	All this, and Sand got off lightly, in my opinion.  Not only that,
but Vetch has even *more* heirs...he'll just keep getting cockier, once
that sword wound heals.  At least I'll know where Sand is, once I get some
more practice under my belt.  Sort of an "at your leisure" type of
vengeance.  Now I understand Random--it's the fall that will kill you, not
the impact.

	All and all, I'm still feeling listless.  I hardly share Mebd's
enthusiasm at bringing more beings into the world.  Sand is effectively
neutralized and out-of-reach, (at least, without creating danger for
myself) and the other elders are pretty much cooperating in the new
castle's construction.  I guess this leaves me time to research.  I do
have an idea or two for a new spell...

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