I shouldn't be surprised.  No matter that we had the largest group
of Amberites and confederates assembled since Patternfall.  Justice was
not to be served; instead, it must wait for the next course.
Waiting...gee whiz, my favorite.

	Mebd is here, though--gives me something to default to while I
pass the time away.  My taste for Amber is even less now, though, me being
basically powerless there and all.  If only I had something else I really
wanted to do--I had been so focused on smashing Sand that I've been caught
without a backup bit of vengeance to wreak in case I actually finished
what I was doing.

	A mistake, that last bit.  It's not finished, not by a long
shot--not until she's swaying from the gate of the castle, strung up like
a pi–ata.  Damn Random; what in the world could have happened to him that
he'd want to save the ruling bitch-queen of the universe?  There's only
one verdict possible.  It wasn't like she was being secretive about what
she was doing.  All that remains to be seen is who gets the honor of
donning the executioner's hood.  OK, a bit optimistic on my part, but I
can hope.

	Well, Amber, I'll see you in a year or so.  Can't say I'll miss
you in the least, but I'll be back, nonetheless.  Let's go, Mebd--there
are possibilities waiting for us to find them.

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