Well, my family is a little bigger.  Wouldn't Heather be simply
*revolted* at the thought!  Ha!  I wonder if Mother's mystery Trump
conversation was with Mar...Teresa?  She did claim that she was my sister,
not half sister or stepsister or anything like that.  Of course, she also
said she was working with Sand and was supposed to kill me.  She's over
that last bit now, at least, so she says.  So much more to believe right
away than I am willing to.  I guess I will have to speak to my parents.

	Sand.  Bitch of the universe.  In one respect, I guess she saved
Father from Caine and Julian, but her purposes were far from altruistic.
So, she apparently outsmarted Vetch, forcing him to work with her (again).
Yeah, right.  Anyway, then all the children from Amber are kidnapped.
Plus one.  Stupid mistake.  The way Mandor dotes on Emer, I knew he would
be pissed.  So efficient when he wants to be.  That'll teach her.
Unfortunately, it also tipped his hand to Vetch.  That would have been a
nice surprise to throw in Vetch's face.  Oh well, long story short, some
big buffoon (Caine's big buffoon, I believe) managed to keep Foster and
spoil a perfectly good rescue.  Sand had him, and led us on a merry chase
through reality.  When we finally cornered her, she started threatening,
and then executing said threats, on Foster's various body parts.  Luckily
for him, she started with fingers.  Two of them were gone (one my fault,
unfortunately).  She managed to escape, but had to throw a pendant at my
feet to do so.  I should send a thank-you note to her.  I wonder if it can
lead me to Father?  Would Mother know, if it can?

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